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Anyone ever have a problem on

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The other days someone mentioned (sorry I don't recall who mentioned it) and I checked it out and it seems like a great site.  However, I am a bit paranoid, so before I post my own work on there, I just want to make sure no one has ever had a problem with someone stealing content or anything.  I don't like to think badly about fellow writers, but you can only hear about so many idea theft lawsuits without getting a bit hesitant.

As a secondary consideration, have users of the site found the critiques to be helpful?

Any experiences would be appreciated. 
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Critique Circle is an awesome place. I've gotten a lot of help there.
As for the safety of your story, they are pretty good with that. But if you are really paranoid, then I wouldn't post the entire story on the site to be critted. Here is more information in their FAQ:
Thanks RM!
I also had very good experiences there. 

Some crits are better than others...some people massively nit pick while others give you general comments.  You have to kind of pick and choose what you need...

I've never had anyone "steal" anything that I know of.
Thanks Madeline!
I've never had my stuff stolen and have never even heard about it happening. CC is great for getting feedback on stories, which is especially useful for beginners. Also, critiquing other people's works can do a lot to help your own writing as well, I think. But you can't listen to all the advice that you get...some people are going to say this line is terrible (or whatever) and you have to cut it, and others will love it.

Good luck!
It's been a long time since I used CC, but it was a great experience when I did. No issues with theft. Critiques were all over the map, from ones that sounded like they were written by my mother (you're the best ever!!) to ones that my grade 10 English teacher must have snuck in!
Thanks HezBa and Bruce!
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