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ANyone have a tween with the 8.9"?

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I'm trying to sort out what to do with our tablets. Due to a major Customer Service issue the Nabi's I bought (and like) are going back to Best Buy.

When I asked the kids what to replace them with - they both seem to want new iPod Touches - and don't seem to care about the size.

Ok then.

But, when I outlined how the finances would be until they would each end up with their own devices... they are somewhat changing their minds. My youngest wants a 4th gen iPod with a pink case. She is honestly more about the cameras i think... and FaceTime.... and iMEssage. I"m not sure she would even pick an iPad Mini.

My tween is my special needs kid (and she is really 13, but cognitively about a 10yo so that plays into the decision) said she would like a Fire. I then asked her about the 7 or 8.9" and she can't really decide. Honestly, she wants a laptop. LOL! But she is home schooled at the moment, and while she can't do a lot of her school stuff on there, I think with a keyboard and the 8.9 she could do more than with the 7....

So I was wondering if anyone had a "kid" with the 8.9 and what they thought of the size??? I have a couple of days to decide.... maybe I can win the power ball tomorrow night ;)

(and the 8.9 is only a consideration this month because of the student prime $50 off)
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I just asked my daughter what she thought. I have an 8.5, and she has the 7 inch. She really feels like the 8.5 is too big for her.  We also homeschool, so I asked her about using it with a keyboard...she doubts that she would use it much.

That being said, she had an iPod which we were having Best Buy replace for warranty issues.  Instead of getting another iPod, she decided to get the kindle...she loves it!  It does everything the iPod did and more.  My older daughter did not make the same choice to though...she likes the portability of the iPod. 
Thanks for asking her about it!

Today when she went to the library she grabbed the touch not her nabi - which i thought was interesting.

She's used to doing stuff on my iPad, and is using my old (2003!) 12" iBook to see stuff on world book, and today was using garage band on it. I'm thinking for her the 8.9 might be a bit more versatile. I have a feeling i'm taking them both (the kids) back to Best Buy tonight to look at them.... not that it will help much.

Apparently the 8yo is wondering how long the refurb touch would take to get here - because I have a feeling instant gratification is more important this afternoon! LOL!! If she decides on the Fire over the Touch the 8.9 is actually kinda off the table. I got the nabi's for $129 on black friday, so i'm already having to pay to swap them - and i'm poor at the moment.

I'm just waffling.... i'm trying to not read into it that I really want to stay with iOS (which i do) and need to figure out how to afford it. UGH. Of course, regardless of what they decide they still have the iPod Touches - 1 2nd gen and 1 3rd gen - to use for those games and iMessage and such (big sis has an old iPhone to use).

Thanks again though!!!
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To conclude this thread.....

Apparently size doesn't matter to kids.

Cameras rule the world for kids.

After a trip last night to best buy to check out their exchange options.... both kids concluded they wanted the 4th generation iPod Touches.

OK then, I did end up springing for the 32gb version over the cheaper 8 because I figured they were going to fill it with pictures and video and it would mean less transferring for me!
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