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So, I keep hearing good things about having a book trailer or creating pod casts of your story as a way to attract attention to your books. 

The thing is, I've got less than no skills when it comes to that sort of thing.  I'm so far behind the curve I don't even know where to start looking for how to do it.  (Okay, not literally, you can Google anything.  Still...)

However, I am a competent editor.  I'm better at story edits and line edits than proof reading, but I can do all three.  And, while I can't promise to get every error in your work, I can promise it will be a cleaner copy than it was before I laid eyes on it.

Since it seems like we've got people who know how to do basically everything on this board, I was wondering if I might find someone who would be willing to swap trailer making skills for editing skills.  Or someone who might be willing to swap pod casting skills for editing skills. 
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