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Anyone know what this means?

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I got a nice review on one of my romances today. At the end, it said in parentheses, "3RW Team Yellow Review." A quick Google search showed me that there were quite a few reviews with this notation, apparently all by the same reviewer. The Google search did not lead me to a book blog, which is what I had expected it meant. Anyone have any clue what it means?

ETA: A couple of her other reviews say "team yellow reviewer for 3RW Bookclub." I guess it's a bookclub of some sort, then. I've never seen bookclub readers make that sort of notation on a review, though *shrugs*.
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it it's a book club that goes around leaving good reviews i'd like to get on their reading list! :)
Cool, thank you, SM. I haven't seen something like that before.

Kelly, they seem to leave both bad and good reviews. I'm glad she happened to like my book. :)
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