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Yes, you can. If you've created an imprint under your company...
Right. That's how things should work in a rational world.

But I emailed Bowker and asked them this question.

The Bowker chick wrote back:

"When KDP asks for your "imprint" they are referring to the publisher name associated to the ISBN.
To be clear, an imprint in our system refers to something different; At Bowker, a house imprint is another name used besides the company name to identify a line of books."

The Bowker website (and now this lady) seem to be insisting that the Imprint box in KDP is actually NOT an imprint box. But instead, it's a box to insert your Publisher Name. (Despite the fact that the box says "Imprint" next to it)


So something is very very very fishy at Bowker.

I'm going to try to get them on the phone.
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