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tiggeerrific said:
I was only going to use it for the kindle and oberon case for when traveling so I can put it in the villager bag so everything matches
I have K3 with Amazon lighted cover, and it fits well in the mini hipster, but you do have to move the velcro up to the id holder under flap, as the zipper cannot be closed. I think they are perfect for a kindle case, and can just toss into a tote if you need to use a larger bag.

The 11"x11" is the larger hipster and is perfect of you want to use it as a purse also as there is plenty of room for other items easily. Large hipster as a purse with room for kindle, Mini as a case to use in other larger bags.

On another note: There are 3 different styles of the large hipster, and if you search ebay, you'll be able to see all 3 styles, the original with a slip and zip pocket on front, a redo with a front flap pocket & back zipper pocket, and the newest style, with the slip and zip pocket on front and zipper on back.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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