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Anyone used Bookbaby distribution?

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Better than that Draft2Digital site that was being talked about?
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jimkukral said:

Better than that Draft2Digital site that was being talked about?
Are you asking? I see that $99 up-front fee and I fly into a prawn rage.

ETA: I see it's a one-time fee and then they keep doing your paperwork and sending you cheques forever and ever and you get to keep 100% of the $ from the retailers. Hmm. Yes, I can see myself recommending a service like this to friends who are not so DIY.
You know April 1st isn't for another couple months, right?
Yeah, they have the high setup fee. Can't remember of they do, but I think they take a percentage of royalty, too.
I forgot they had the setup fee too. Was just trying to determine if the draft2digital site was a better deal. I guess it is.
I think The David put it pretty well, one of the previous times it came up:

David 'Half-Orc' Dalglish said:
Their very basic service, to convert a book and then upload it to the main 3 distributors (plus sony), is $99 plus $19 bucks a year.

Wait, why am I paying 20 bucks a year forever for a one time service? Oh, that's right. Because I'm stupid.
They're also the POD people who used to allow you to order 1,000-page staple-bound paperbacks, though I see that they have since fixed that particular bit of silliness.
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