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Anyone with a blog want to be part of a blog tour?

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I am probably doing this all wrong and posting this in the wrong place, but I have never done this before for any of my books.

I am trying do organize a blog tour for Vicious, a novel of 65,000 words. The novel was initially released on September 29, 2012.
Vicious is a terrifying tale of man against nature. The cabin is not deserted. It is the summer retreat of Jeremy Liden, an author who has just started to taste the fruits of success and the good life. The same weekend Jeremy and his friends decide to get away from it all two dogs seek shelter beneath the summer house porch. Two dogs who have been trained to fight. Trained to Attack. Trained to kill. What Jeremy and his friends find at the house is sheer, snarling terror, and as things get desperate, they begin to wonder if they will ever get out alive. Nature made these dogs, but man made them VICIOUS.

I am hosting The Vicious Tour from March 1 to March 18.

Kindle edition:

Print edition:

All participating bloggers will be listed on my website at http://bryanwalaspa (on this page:

I have three ways for bloggers to participate:

Option 1: Review

.mobi files available

Option 2: Interview with the author

Just send some questions, and I'll have answer them.

Option 3: A Guest Post

You can provide a topic, or I can come up with my own.

So here's what I'll need:

1) Your choice of dates between March 1 and March 18
2) Your blog URL
3) Which option you prefer.
3) If you choose Option 2 or 3, please send your questions or topic suggestions for Nell.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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