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Anyway to contact Freebooksby?

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I paid for the feature for later this month, but when the payment was done a message displayed that slots are full. Now I'm not sure i get selected or not? I dropped an email to the email address they mentioned as [email protected] but no reply yet. Is there any way to contact them? I haven't got a single email from them yet.

Thanks in advance.
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Sorry, I don't know...but I'll bump for you. Hope you get an answer :)
I've used that email you posted to get in contact with them a few times. The longest it took was about 24 hours.
I've talked to them several times through that email, but they keep somewhat normal business hours, so it can take a while to get a response. However, they have you choose a slot that is available before you pay, so you're probably fine. If not, they are prompt at notifying you of a refund.
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