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Are readers influenced by how recent the last review was?

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Under the "Most Recent Customer Reviews" column on the right, are readers looking at how recent (or ancient) the last review was? And if the last review was months ago are they more likely to pass on purchasing the book?
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I will say that I always look at the most recent reviews on a book through the filter. Having said that, I don't think I ever look to see the date the most recent review was prior to my purchase.
It wouldn't affect me (as a reader) at all.  I'd be much more concerned with what the reviews actually say.
I second that.  Don't really care when they were; I'm more concerned with what they say and if it sounds like they asked a friend to give them a good review (i.e. it sounds too sales-ey).
As a reader, I never look at the most recent reviews.  It's always the most helpful one, good or bad.
I actually noticed myself taking a look at them. They aren't the most important ones but I do check out if the last ones are good. So, yeah, I do pay some attention to them as a reader.
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