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Are the smaller promotion sites worth it?

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Hi everybody, I've got a question that I've been debating. Maybe you can help me decide.

So my next novel, The Second Super, is coming out in a couple of weeks. I'm planning on doing some promotion for its release, but I really only want to book with places that I know I'll get a ROI. Right now I have ENT, GenrePulse, and FKBT booked. ENT and GP for release day, and FKBT for Saturday of release week (they only do new releases on the weekends or else I would've done it release day as well.) Now my question is weather or not I should book with some of the smaller promotional sites?

I feel like I'm going to do well, especially with having gotten an ENT spot. I've done no promotion so far (except for sending an email out to my mailing list of 18 people), and I've gotten about 30 preorders when it was priced at 2.99. I lowered the price to .99 cents though since that's what the price will be during my launch promotions, and I didn't want people to feel like they were being punished for preordering. Still, getting that many at 2.99 with zero promotion was a pretty cool experience for me.

With the .99 cent price drop I'll probably have around 50-60 preorders when the book launches (I'm having 3-5 preorders a day now), so that coupled with already being in a few Hot New Releases list, along with hitting the big promotion sites (that'll take new releases, that is) I feel like spending the money on some of the smaller sites that have a less return wouldn't be worth the investment. I went through a bunch of promo threads, especially those for New Releases, and the three sites I've booked have preformed consistently well.

So what do you think: are the smaller, more risky (ROI wise) promotion sites worth it?
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I found Bknights, sweetfreebooks, ebookhounds, and betty book freak to have great roi for my one promo. The first three are five, five, and three dollars, respectively and betty is free. Can't go wrong with free ;)
Good luck with your promo and launch! Sounds like you're already getting some good numbers :)
All the promotions I've run on BKnights on books that have no reviews have been a bust. I feel like people there pay a lot more attention to the review counts then other sites for some reason. Still, it's only five bucks, so I guess it's worth a shot.  :D
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