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Are there any virtual book tours you recommend over others?

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I saw someone ask about orangeberry tours in another thread, but it made me think if people had had better luck with some tours than with others. I don't mean in numbers of sales because that's impossible really to do a cause-effect breakdown and not what any tour promises. I meant more like:

1) Were the people easy to work with?
2) Did they get back to you and were they available to hear your emails?
3) Did you get what you felt you paid for as far as it correlating with what the site did advertise?
4) Would you use them again or not?
5) If not, had you been eyeing a different, competing company and why?

For me, again I've only done one company, so I chose one called Bewitching Book Tours and:

1) Fairly easy. I know they were busy but got back to me fairly regularly, although once I had a review not show up on the day arranged and it took a few days to track down why it hadn't happened.

2) Yes, overall they were responsive with emails.

3) I feel like I was frustrated that it was supposed to be "up to" 20 stops and I paid that package price but ended up being about 13 and two were related to blogs the tour runner owned herself (I do wonder if they'd have worked a bit harder scheduling if I hadn't mentioned I was also separately approaching bloggers about reviews).

4) I felt it was a good learning experience and I still added exposure that spending several weeks organizing lists of and then contacting different bloggers wouldn't have alone. Overall, I was disappointed that for the price I paid, they played fast and loose with "up to."

5) Looking for different places that are especially more YA focused since the next two things I'm releasing are firmly YA.
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