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If so and you wish you had more books to promote read on.

I seem to be better at writing books than promoting them. To date I have written twenty three stories, novel & novella length plus seventeen novelettes & short stories under my primary Dee Dawning pseudonym. In addition under four other pen names I have written another thirty seven novels, novelettes & short stories. I suppose I should mention at this point that most of these stories are erotic romance or erotica.

Anyway as I mentioned, I was never any good at promoting my books and then nine months ago I decided to go back into my original profession (designing & building custom homes) which had no longer been viable after the Great Recession until recently and since I've done that I've been so busy I can't even begin to promote my books, which I am no good at anyway. Hence, I'm seeking proven book promoting marvels to push any of my stories that interest them as they push their own for 35% of the net royalty.

I realize there would be a lot of problems, but I believe they are workable and I'm willing to work them out if you are, The books themselves run from slightly above average to excellent. If you are interested, write and I'll answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability.
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