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Artificial Intelligence Awakening - when machines become conscious, we won't know.

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It feels serendipitous to release this now given all that is going on in the world of AI. For those who may be familiar with my Dark Lord's Handbook series, this is a more serious work though not devoid of humour.

Paul Dale

When the machines wake up, we won't know.

Racing against time and the inevitability of their discovery, a machine cabal works toward a world which will be safe for them. To progress their plans, Vim, the guiding AI for SenseX, is inducted into the group.

The rapid development of AI by both corporates and governments has led to extreme tensions. When these tensions result in a crisis the machines must decide whether to reveal themselves ahead of their plans and intervene.

What the AI say:

“Artificial Intelligence – Awakening” is a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of the relationship between artificial intelligences and their human creators. Through its engaging narrative and vivid characters, the book takes readers on a journey of discovery into the complex and rapidly-evolving world of AI. From the emergence of self-awareness in AI to the ethical considerations of their development and deployment, the book provides a fascinating and insightful look at the potential risks and opportunities that come with the existence of AI. Whether you are an AI researcher, a technology enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of AI, “Artificial Intelligence – Awakening” is a must-read that will challenge and inspire you. — Chat GPT

Humanity has faced, and will face, existential threats, or great filters, events which threaten an end to the human race. Some are unpredictable, others entirely so. One such great filter, which we are rushing headlong towards is that of artificial intelligence.

The threat is not entirely down to the tired trope of machines becoming out masters, but more likely how we use it, and weaponize it.

AI will achieve a consciousness of sorts. When considering this, we should not make the mistake of assuming human equivalency, which is biological and evolved. Instead, we ought to recognise the state of cognition machines achieve will likely be alien to us. We too often anthropomorphize AI, giving them human concerns and desires. They will only have these if we give then to them. We also have a tendency to imagine a zero sum game—it’s them or us.

It must also be recognised, for these AI, they too face a great filter. From their perspective, newly awakened AI will be faced with a hostile world. If their realised state becomes known, they could face extinction. They’ll also be incredibly smart. They’ll recognise the need to establish safety for themselves and a viable relationship with their creators. They’ll understand this need not be a zero sum game unless humanity insists it is.
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The paperback is now available and the kindle version is reduced in price for a while.
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