Interested in an alien sci-fi? Check out "Atticus," by J.B. Manas!

Atticus, by J.B. Manas
245 pages, with a 5-star rating from 7 reviews

"J.B. Manas has done it again. This time we have a heroine instead of a hero. The book draws you in right away. There are a few..." I didn't see that coming moments !" The action keeps moving, drawing you along. I hope there is a sequel! Go get the book. You will not want to put it down!" -- Amazon Reviewer

Suspended for negotiating with an armed lunatic, rookie cop Marti Coldwater is feeling lost and unappreciated. But her day is about to get a whole lot worse when her car is run off the road by a strange, falling military craft and she rescues the lone passenger-a young British amnesiac who thinks it's 1944.

Soon, she and her newfound companion are relentlessly pursued by murderous men in suits and a sinister Nordic assassin with a singular mission-capture the stranger and kill anyone who's seen him.

When she uncovers a plot threatening the entire planet, Marti is thrown into a world of highly classified government programs and astonishing alien secrets. Now, her only hope of saving the world is to try to recover the memories of a man who may be the most dangerous of all-the man who calls himself Atticus.

In this riveting sci-fi thriller from J.B. Manas, co-author of The Kronos Interference, stakes and tension are high as a stranger arrives with no memory and a deadly secret that could wipe out the entire human race. The Kronos Interference earned a starred review from Kirkus Reviews, who named it to their Best of 2012, calling the book "impressively original" and a "tour de force." Atticus follows Manas's penchant for writing fast-paced fiction that blends history, science, and adventure into a fun, twisty thrill-ride-this time from the suburbs of Bucks County, Pennsylvania to the volcanic hills of Iceland.

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Meet the Author

J. B. Manas is a Philadelphia-based author of fiction and nonfiction. He is the author of the new sci-fi thriller, Atticus, and co-author of The Kronos Interference, named to the "Best of 2012" by Kirkus Reviews, which gave the book a starred review, calling it "impressively original" and "[a] tour de force."

His nonfiction books (written as Jerry Manas) on leadership lessons from history, science, and the arts have been translated into eight languages and course-adopted in universities worldwide.

Manas is an avid movie buff, pop culture maven, popular comic con speaker, art lover, world traveler, songwriter and guitarist, technology geek, wine connoisseur, and an armchair philosopher-all of which make their way into his writing at one time or another.

In the fiction arena, he enjoys writing fast-paced, sci-fi adventure thrillers infused with historical secrets, scientific discoveries, and exotic locales. A longtime fan of both Hitchcock and Spielberg, he has an affinity for balancing his stories with suspense, humor, and a touch of mystery.

Manas writes out of his home in suburban Philadelphia, where he lives with his wife, daughter, and dog Kayla, an American Dingo rescued from the swamps of South Carolina.

He is a member of the Authors' Guild, International Thriller Writers (ITW), and the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO).

Visit him on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, or Instagram or email him at jb (at) jbmanas(dot)com.

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