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Audible buttons on android auto nav buttonschanged

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Hi. A few weeks ago an update introduced what I believe is a bug. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue, which I believe creates a more dangerous driving experience.

The 30sec back and forward buttons have lived right next to the play/ pause button both on my phone and on Android auto.

After an update, that is still the same on my pphone. But in my car, using android auto, it changed.

Now the buttons on either side of play/pause are now chapter back and forward.

This introduces an added layer of danger while driving, because to use the 30sec back button once, used frequently while driving.
Now have to click to get the full audible screen then click 30sec back, Then click to minimize screen. 3 clicks, requiring eyes off the road. If you want to go 30sec forward, it's 5 clicks. While driving.

I've reported this twice. Any help or a bug fix would be appreciated.


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