Audiobook lovers: this fast-paced post-apocalyptic thriller by K.R. Griffiths has a swarm of strong views... and this audiobook edition is narrated by Craig Beck, veteran narrator of over 100 audiobooks. Check out the sample!

Panic: Wildfire Chronicles, Book 1, by K.R. Griffiths, narrated by Craig Beck
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5 hours and 13 minutes
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Michael Evans is only in rural St. David's to maintain a low profile after his time spent as a city cop ended in disaster. The town is perfect for him: isolated. A tiny population. Virtually no crime.
Until the night the strange canisters fall from the sky and the town priest starts killing people with his teeth. To Michael, the bloodbath looks like a murder case that the quiet town's two police officers can't possibly handle.

But this isn't just a crime scene.

And the priest is just the beginning...