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Single and Looking: Daisy: Secret Lives of Sisters, by Belinda Austin, narrated by Stacy Gonzalez
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6 hours and 47 minutes

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Daisy is turning 40. To make the crises worse, her five sisters pray over her unmarried status, and then her cat begins speaking English with a British accent! Well, no wonder the cat quotes William Shakespeare sometimes! Daisy did name the cat Shakespeare after all.

The mess of Daisy's life is even kookier because the cat is cursing and smoking now like a Downton-Abbey criminal, and the cat is drinking more alcoholic beverages, even though booze makes his whiskers wrinkle. Mm, there must be a connection to all this flowing alcohol, which may explain the bubbly in Daisy's brain. Even her blind dates, men referred by her meddling sisters, are named after liquor:
  • Glen Livet, a Scottish reverend formerly known as the "Drunken Beast"
  • Harvey Von Wallbanger, an Austrian aristocrat obsessed with beauty
  • Oive Martini, a Southern politician with a fetish for enhanced body parts
  • Johnny Walker, a realtor who likes to stage a woman
  • Joey Cuervo, a native New Yorker who bonds through blackmail
  • Yeung Ling, a recently divorced hairdresser and karate expert with killer hands
And then there is Daisy's neighbor, a nurse with a voice sounding as if he would like to cut off her life support.

Even with her cat's dating advice, Daisy has been looking for love in all the wrong places. Darn! When God texted Daisy, after she parked in a church handicapped spot, she forgot to text back, "Where is my soulmate on my phone's map app?"