Enjoy Adam Graham's audiobook, "Slime Incorporated", a mystery tale of political scandal that "exudes energy and colour".

Slime Incorporated, by Adam Graham, narrated by Scot Wilcox
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9 hours and 56 minutes

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Hot shot Private Investigator Cole Ustick couldn't care less about politics. However, his boss thrusts Ustick into the world of Idaho politics by assigning him the case of gubernatorial candidate Ignacio Hernandez. Hernandez wants to find the women behind thinly sourced allegations of sexual misconduct against him that appeared in the state's largest newspaper.
When he's confronted by uncooperative campaign staffers who would rather keep their own secrets than save their boss' campaign Ustick takes matters into his own hands. He tricks the reporter behind the scandal into revealing one of Hernandez's accusers. When the woman turns up dead and Hernandez is charged with her murder, Ustick finds himself embroiled in the biggest political scandal in Idaho history.
The body count rises as Ustick tries to uncover the truth behind a power hungry alliance that will stop at nothing. Will Ustick identify the true players behind the plot or become their next victim?