Sydney Logan's "Songbird", narrated by Catherine Wade, "has something for everyone: there is the central romance, but there is also drama, a little angst, and lots of humor."

Songbird, by Sydney Logan, narrated by Catherine Wade

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7 hours and 56 minutes

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Callie Franklin doesn't do one night stands.
She's far too responsible and focused on her career to ever let herself give in to temptation. But, on the eve of her best friend's wedding, she meets that temptation...and his name is Devin McAllister.
Devin, on the other hand, has no problem with meaningless hookups. The very last thing he needs - or wants - is a relationship. Relationships come with strings. Relationships come with heartbreak.
A late-night encounter in the hotel's piano bar finds the two unable to resist each other. With her angelic voice and bright blue eyes, Devin's sure he's never met anyone as beautiful as his Songbird.
Six weeks later, when two pink lines confirm Callie's worst fears, she and Devin have to face the consequences of their wild weekend. And they have to deal with each other - whether they like it or not.
With a love story that's far from traditional, Callie and Devin begin to wonder if their one-night stand could turn into something neither of them anticipated.
A happily ever after.