If you are interested in the small town music scene of Athens, Georgia, (home of REM, B-52s, Pylon, Elf Power, Widespread Panic, Of Montreal and so many bands), enjoy this audiobook of C. Subasic's "The Forty Watt Flowers", narrated by C. M. Subasic.

The Forty Watt Flowers, by C. Subasic, narrated by C. M. Subasic.
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10 hours and 3 minutes

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Living in the indie band capital Athens, GA, Trisha decides to start her own pop-punk band. Four young women are brought together and The Forty Watt Flowers are formed.

Rosemarie, on keyboards, has a sex drive as fierce as a tornado. Aline, the singer, is a hermit, scratching out poems in her antebellum mansion. Juanita, on drums, has a poison tongue a little too quick on the draw. Toni, on guitar, made the mistake of heading South to come out of the closet.

In addition to managing her crew of misfits, Trisha struggles to figure out the chaos of her own life. The relationship with Brent is caught in the roller-coaster of his moods. She "lost touch" with her parents two years ago (and they probably still blame her for what happened to her sister).

The Forty Watt Flowers is a novel that gets you tapping your toes. It's what you create as you wrestle your demons, the hottest, most frightening music you know.

5 stars: "A well-tuned debut novel from a very talented, seasoned writer. She slams home poignant observations like a musician playing finely-tuned instruments."

5 stars: "C.M. Subasic has created an ensemble of fully dimensional characters who at times you love to hate, and at others you hate to love."

5 stars: "it's hysterical, fun, tear-jerking, thoughtful, poetic, gritty (as one of the other reviews says), an addictive read I couldn't put down."