Described by a reader as "required hammock reading," Ed Teja's novel has a very Caribbean feel, and its light breezy humor keeps the reader intrigued. This audiobook version is narrated by Paul Aulridge, whose narration credits include Ray Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451.' Check out the sample below!
The Legend of Ron Anejo, by Ed Teja, narrated by Paul Aulridge
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3 hours and 47 minutes

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Ron is the world's best Caribbean boat bum. Based on the fictional tropical island of Kayakoo, he works on his wooden boat, living a glorious life on a shoestring budget, usually managing to earn enough for rum and food. With an unquenchable optimism, he confronts the world and, as long as he has his leaky old wooden boat, manages to have fun, regardless of the current disaster. To make ends meet, Ron and his crew haul cargo, run bizarre charters, smuggle and even build a house. Nothing succeeds, exactly, but nothing fails, either.