Scott Reeves' "Zombie Galaxy: Outbreak" is a new breed of sci-fi, with the action taking place over a six-hour period on the planet Caldor... where a technological innovation inadvertently turns its inhabitants into zombies. Have a listen to the audiobook, using the player below! It's narrated by veteran audiobook reader Andrew Wehrlen.

Zombie Galaxy: Outbreak, by Scott Reeves, narrated by Andrew Wehrlen
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3 hours and 29 minutes

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The first novella in the new Zombie Galaxy series takes the zombie apocalypse and raises the stakes to galactic proportions.

Thousands of years in the future, the planet-city Caldor is ground zero when a new method of matter transmission unleashes a zombie apocalypse on the planet's 800 billion inhabitants. A handful of people fight to survive and reach the roof of a 10-mile high skyscraper, where they hope to be rescued by a starship. But they will soon discover that no world is safe from the horde of undead that has been unleashed upon the galaxy.

Part dystopian fiction and part zombie thriller, Zombie Galaxy is a new breed of science fiction horror.