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audiobooks other than

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So, I'm trying to find a source for audiobooks other than Audible, where:
1) you don't have to enter into a subscription! and
2) audiobooks might cost less than $10 per audiobook.

does anyone have any suggestions?
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There are some free volunteer recordings of classic books available at Gutenberg.

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Check Tantor - I know I've picked up a couple from them and still get emails from them. Here's a list of $6.99 downloads.

And yes, if you have access to Overdrive for eBooks, check their audiobook collection as well.
Actually itunes isn't half bad either, they usually have one legitimate audiobook on sale for about six bucks or so. i've picked up a couple good ones there before (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and The Graveyard Book to name a few).

I'm not a huge fan of audible because of the subscription rip-off.
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