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Author Introduction...finally

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I will soon publish my 15th book on Kindle, and author Beth Caudill has continued to hound me about coming to the KBoards, where I can find out everything, while letting readers know about my books. I am a mature married woman who has raised two wonderful sons, and I have used my love of Scottish Highland games to write books on time travel, and dragons. Since I was also an EMT & volunteer firefighter in Rural New Hampshire, I have also published thrillers. If I am allowed to share my blog, where I interview authors, check out I am also a voracious reader, on my 3rd Kindle (one broke, one I gave to my son).
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Hi, Nancy, and welcome aboard.  Wishing you every continued success with your writing.  Enjoy!

Dan --
Welcome Nancy.
Glad you found your way to the KB.
Hope you find friends here.

My friend Intinst used to post this info, hope it helps:
Greetings and Welcome!! We are so glad you found KBoards, an independent resource for people who own or have interest in Kindle, whether readers or writers.(Really, there are many members who are not writers!) We have many areas that you probably will like. Have you been to The Book Corner yet? That's the area for Reader discussions - share your book reviews and recommendations, and new discoveries. That's also where you will find threads about books Recommended by our Members and a Book Lover's Link Threadipedia designed to help both Newbies and Oldbies find some of the various resources, suggestions and recommendations available in the Book Corner and on the internet in general.
Then there is the Book Bazaar where our member/authors post about their books and the Writers' Cafe that has discussions about writing, publishing and many other topics from the writers point of view. The Bazaar is also where you will locate Bargain Books and even Free Books threads where you can get reading material at low or no cost! The Cafe also has the New KBoards Yellow Pages -- for author (and reader) services.
If you have a question about your Kindle or it's usage, check out the forum about Tips, Tricks and Trouble Shooting . Or, just ask your question. We have many helpful and knowledgeable people here at KB and we feel there is no such thing as a "dumb" question. Questions about KBoards may be answered at Forum tips. If not, once again, ask away! To keep everything running smoothly, we ask that everyone read Forum decorum. There are a few points there particularly for authors. Further questions from authors concerning KB may be answered here: Tips, FAQs and Useful Threads for Authors
Another popular place is Let's Talk Kindle, where all things in the Kindle world are posted about. Be sure and check out the Photo Gallery, where pictures of members, pets, flowers, landscapes or just almost anything interesting can be found. Also, the Accessories area can be fun. There you will see information about covers, skins, lights, bags, stands and many other items to allow you to personalize your Kindle.
Looking to just kill some time while you are waiting for your Kindle or if you have your kindle, want to try something different? Try INFINITY Game - Word Association or The "INFINITY" Thread: KEEP POSTING...Ready, Set,... GO!!! in the Not Quite Kindle area.
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Welcome, Nancy!

Best wishes,
Leslie Anne Perry
Hello, Nancy!

Welcome to the Kboards, home of the friendliest and most knowledgeable indie authors and editors on the internet.

Make yourself at home and ask anything.  You'll get thoughtful, useful answers.

Continued good luck with your writing!

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