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Michael Scott Miller, Author of Ladies and Gentlemen...The Redeemers, is the guest blogger this week on the Independent Authors Forum, Home of Free Range Authors. Michael's topic for this week is "Life Balance and a Date with the Mouse". He takes a look at a topic near and dear to all of our hearts; balancing the creative process with something called "Life". Funny that I have never heard of that concept before. ;)

IAF was created in December of 2010 in response to the antipathy towards the writing kind in the Land Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned to be an enlightened haven for writers and readers to explore the world of arts and writing without the angst. Since December, the site has grown by leaps and bounds, adding at least four to six new members a day of late. Current membership is 596, but is rapidly growing (we just added another 108 members this last week).

We hope that you will join the rest of the outcasts in our caves in IAF and use it as another place to let people know who you are and what you do. Current statistics for IAF are:

If you would like to join the growing list of guest bloggers on IAF, please join us, and leave a private message for me (PhilC) on IAF. Include in your private message, the following:

Title of book you wish to promote
Link to book
Banner Ad, if you have one
Title of guest blog
Text of blog (Pretty much anything you want to say, excerpts of your book, insane ramblings, etc.)

I reserve the right to be arbitrary and pernicious in deciding if your proposed post and images are suitable for IAF. You would be amazed how many people join IAF and immediately try to slip in pseudo advertisements for gorgeous Russian women with big bosoms. ;) Not that there is anything wrong with images of gorgeous Russian women with big bosoms; sure don't fit the images we were shown of typical Russian women during the Cold War.

Guest blogs run from Sunday to Sunday (or longer) depending if I can get another sucker author to volunteer for the next week. Honestly, with the statistics we are currently seeing, IAF is a place where your efforts will be noticed. Hope to see you there.
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