Today we're pleased to introduce you to author Beatrice Brusic!

Beatrice was born in Bolivia, South America. Her first memoir "Beyond the Snows of the Andes" explores that aspect of her life in detail from the time she was ten years old to seventeen when she emigrated to America.

Her second memoir "A Different Journey" explores the second part of her life residing in America, a life that includes marriage, giving birth to a special daughter, and divorce. Ms. Brusic made her living as a legal assistant, working for top law firms in New York City, another aspect that's fully explored in "A Different Journey."

Here are some thoughts from Beatrice on each of these memoirs:

This unique memoir takes you right into the heart of Indian Bolivia before our first Indian president, Evo Morales, assumed the presidency.

It's a story of struggle, survival, tragedy, growth and self realization set against one of the poorest, most exotic countries in South America. The story of this heroic single mother and her extraordinary children won't leave you indifferent. It's a story for anyone who's ever had a dream and had to struggle in the pursuit of it.

I have an exceptional daughter. I don't like to call her "special, handicapped, different or the cruelest word yet, "retarded." I like to call her exceptional because she is exceptional in each and every way.

I have been asked many times, "What was it like being told you had a special daughter?" "What was your first feeling about it?" What is it like raising her now? " What are the challenges and difficulties you encounter with her every day?"

I hope "A Different Journey" is the answer to all those questions.