Today, we're pleased to introduce to you author David Greene!

Here's a story about how I came to write my novel "Unmentionables":

I first began writing the book as a result of an unexpected experience. I attended a "past life regression" study run by a writer named Dr. Helen Wambach, who was compiling statistics about past life memories for a book she eventually published called Life Before Life. I went with two friends of mine as a lark. We were skeptical but curious.

When we arrived, we were instructed to lie on the floor of the vast meeting room at the Holiday Inn in Elmhurst, Illinois, along with about fifty other subjects. As we lay looking up at the ceiling, Dr. Wambach droned away hypnotically with the intent of putting all of us into a trance so that she might guide us into a memory of a past life. At the end of the session, we were awakened, at which point one of my friends said to me, "What a crock!" He had been lying on the floor for an hour wide-awake. He had no past life recollections whatsoever.

My other friend recalled himself to be a Buddhist monk in the 4th century. I too experienced a trance, which felt like a dream. It was in that hypnotic state that I imagined a past life as Ella, a slave on a small family farm in Madison County, Tennessee. I filled out Dr. Wambach's questionnaire. My answers there about who I was, who my family members were, and where I lived, were the genesis of my novel.

Of course, I cannot know for certain whether or not I may have had a past life as a slave. But I am certain that these characters became a vivid part of David Greene's life for eighteen years while I researched and wrote the novel Unmentionables.

The novel won the Bronze Medal for Gay/Lesbian fiction at the ForeWord Book of the Year awards in June, 2011. In 2013 the novel will be published in translation in Bulgarian by Black Flamingo Press, a publisher in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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