In today's author profile, we're pleased to introduce H.S. St.Ours!

H.S. St.Ours is the author of the Water Worlds young adult, science fiction adventure series.

He is Professor of Communication Arts Technologies at Montgomery College in Maryland and an Apple Distinguished Educator. A marble sculptor by training and practice, he has been a professor of art for nearly four decades, and has had great fun teaching most every subject in fine art and applied design at some very cool colleges in the States and abroad. He is still captivated with the wonderful images and software coming out of the design community, but has now turned his sights to writing science fiction.

The first two books (of six) in the Water Worlds series ( have a darker evil than many young adult books, and uplifting characters to combat them. Young Moon lives in the epoch of the Day of Rocks, and with her family, becomes a fugitive in a world turned upside-down. Sami, a century later, is a child of the dystopian underground, and struggles to survive with those who live in the vast tunnels, safe from the dangers topside. Simma, book 3, is coming this fall, followed by Gen in spring 2013.

H.S. says: "Give me a good asteroid strike and a civilization struggling to survive, anytime. Now that's science fiction adventure!"