Today we're pleased to introduce you to author Jack Thompson.

In Jack's writing career, he has found voices in a number of different genres - including children's stories, fairy tales, science fiction, paranormal romance, political thrillers and mystery detective stories. He's even written a book of poetry. Jack's latest release is The Color of Greed, the first book of the Raja Williams Series.

As an avid reader, he has enjoyed an even wider variety from classic Greek literature to modern horror.

According to Jack, whether reading or writing, what makes a story great is how well it communicates to the reader. Whether presenting him with a hero he wishes he could be or a villain he chooses to hate, the characters must relate to the reader on a personal level.

Jack believes that a reader will leave a good story in an improved condition. He may have learned something new about the world or himself, or simply been well entertained.

That's why Jack writes.

You can learn more about Jack Thompson at his website, or on his Amazon author page.