Today we're pleased to introduce you to author K.C. May, writer of the award-winning The Kinshield Legacy! K.C. is a longtime, active member of KindleBoards and we can tell you that she's a smart, friendly, helpful person in addition to being an excellent writer.

K.C. May has never been the same since reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as a child. In Hawaii, where she attended high school, she played sports, studied the clarinet and flute, and took acting classes.

Determined to study acting in college, she enrolled at CU Boulder but quickly realized acting was more work than fun. She transferred to Florida State and changed her major to Russian, intending to go into foreign language education. After graduating from college, she moved to Taiwan to study Chinese and get experience teaching English as a foreign language but realized teaching was more work than fun. She returned home to the U.S. and renewed her interest in writing fiction.

Her first published novel, The Kinshield Legacy, is a heroic fantasy adventure. K.C. started writing that story in the early- to mid-1990s but wasn't happy with it and didn't know how to fix it. Over the years, the story would not get out of her head, so she started rewriting it from scratch in 2002. When it was done, she rewrote it from scratch yet again. Finally with something she could work with, she revised that draft twice more before she had a novel she was happy with.

She'd just started the process of querying agents and publishers for The Kinshield Legacy when she learned about a novel writing contest and entered the manuscript. There were three categories, and first place for each was a hardcover publishing contract. The Kinshield Legacy won the fantasy/sci-fi category and was published in December 2005, shortly after K.C. attended the Viable Paradise workshop in Martha's Vineyard where she workshopped her "prequel" novella, Sole Sacrifice, with such notable professionals as Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Steven Gould and James D. Macdonald. Fast forward five years to July 2010 when the publisher reverted the rights to K.C., who immediately started investigating the Amazon/Kindle approach rather than trying to republish traditionally.

Since realizing that writing fiction is more fun than work, K.C. has written and published two more novels: the sequel to The Kinshield Legacy, titled The Wayfarer King, and a stand-alone science fiction thriller, called The Venom of Vipers. She can usually be found at the dog park or walking through the neighborhood with her Rottweiler, or at the computer writing or playing video games with her cat asleep on her lap.

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