Here's our latest Author Profile, where we feature Karl Fields, writer of compelling fiction for young adults and older readers alike!

By the time he reached seventh grade, Karl Fields had attended six schools in three countries. Yep, Army brat. Friends often came and went during that time, but books were a constant. He read nearly anything he could get his hands on, eventually developing a fondness for mysteries and capers, especially those by Donald Westlake.

As a writer, Karl finds inspiration some very random places. A newspaper article about school bullying was the impetus behind The Odd Job Squad, a story about four friends who operate an anonymous revenge club at their school.

He's also a bit of an anagramist, and after rearranging the letters on a poster he saw while walking to work, he came up with the idea for M.O.M. Con, a caper that involves three single mothers. (His adult stories are written under his pen name, K. Morris.)

Nowadays, Karl has put down roots in Houston, though he still likes to travel. His next big trip is to Scotland, where he plans to play bad golf and sample excellent single malts. He also enjoys taking adventures as a reader or writer, visiting magical places and meeting interesting characters that are the product of imagination.