Today, we're pleased to introduce you to author Laurie Brown!

I knew I wanted to be a writer from a young age. My first story, Victor the Lady Bug Man, was a huge success with my mother.

Growing up in Monterey, California, I was always more or less aware of John Steinbeck. From what I could gather, he seemed like a normal guy who liked sea creatures and unusual people, just like I did. Thus, if he could be a writer, I could too... except it took me a very long time to actually produce a book.

I was sidetracked by boyfriends and college, and the thought that maybe I should have a regular career and then marriage and - hey, I know! I'll go to law school... which I ultimately hated and wanted to quit, but couldn't stand being a quitter.

And then I moved away from California, and literally couldn't be a lawyer anymore (thank heaven), because I wasn't licensed out of state and I had some space. And into that space walked a former gangster from New York City who wanted his story told and wanted me to be the one to tell it.

We worked together, we became friends, we fought and didn't talk for over a year but our book...the story became as much mine as finished.

Now I would like people to read Stand-Up Guy and I hope they enjoy it and tell their friends!