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Ving-Khoi Le, author of The Blank Album is this week's guest blogger on the Eclectic Mind, a feature of The Independent Authors Forum, home of Free Range Authors. "The Blank Album is a 34,000 word experimental novella in the contemporary absurdist fantasy genre."

If you are interested in being a guest blogger on IAF, please register as a member, and send me a private message on IAF with the following information:

Author Name
Image Link
Banner Ad, if any
Title of Blog
Text of Blog

I reserve the right to be arbitrary, capricious, and infinitely puritanical in deciding if your images or blog post conform to community standards as defined in the dark recesses of my mind. ;)

IAF was started by me on the heels of a former community board (hence the wonderful but strange URL) that crashed irreparably in December 2010 in response to perceived hostility in the Land Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned. The objective of the site is to have a place where Authors and Readers can meet to discuss books, shows, music, and other arts, without the angst.

Since then, it has grown magnificently and adds anywhere from three to five new members a day. Join and watch the Mods fight new members, mostly from the former Soviet Republics and China, as they try to insert ads for sexual enhancements, fake products, and bodacious Russian women with large bosoms.

Seriously, it is another place to get your message out. Recent Statistics for IAF:

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