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Authors: Beware Random House's New "digital imprints"

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Authors take note: If' you're not aware of the letter war between the new Random House "digital imprints" looking to sign eBook authors and the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA), you should be. The new eBook-only divisions offer what look like enticing terms, but are actually dangerous honey-traps.

I blogged this earlier this week, and rather than reproduce the whole thing here, I'll post the link:

If you're an Indie author publishing with KDP, and the lure of a major publishing firm is tugging at you, read this to add some insight into the dangers of taking this road impulsively.

Let's watch each others' back. Peeps.
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Five minutes after posting this, I received a DBW newsletter, and the headline item was the news of Random House beginning to cave on some of the terms, in favor of the authors.  I'll post more later.
Steve, there's already a massive merged thread on this in the Writer's Café. ;)
And I'm going to merge this with that thread, thanks!

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