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Authors: get one short link for your book - that works for ALL territories!

472 Views 4 Replies 4 Participants Last post by  Betsy the Quilter is a new, free service for Kindle authors that allows them to create short links to their books - that work for all territories. Visitors to the links are automatically directed to the book's listing on the appropriate Amazon store for their location.


No more sending out multiple, long-winded URLs for readers in different parts of the world!

You can get a link for your book at
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Hi, Aaron!

Welcome to KindleBoards!

I'm moving this to the Writers' Café.

You're welcome to promote your business and website here in the Writers' Café, but we ask that the same basic rules be followed as we have for authors in the Book Bazaar: you may have one thread and must post to it rather than start a new thread each time. New threads will be removed.

Please bookmark this thread so that you can find it again to post to. And, you may not make back-to-back posts within seven days. If someone responds (such as this post), you may reply but otherwise must wait seven days, thanks! Also, active members (10 or more posts, active in the last 60 days) may have a listing in the Yellow Pages for Authors.

I do have one question about the links that are created--do they have an embedded affiliate code in them? Thanks!

KB Moderator
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Hi Aaron,

That would be nifty if it didn't override affiliate codes and automatically append yours. I know you want to make money like anyone else, but for me, that's a deal breaker.
Agreed. I can understand appending your affiliate code to links that don't have them, but if I put in my affiliate code, I'd like to keep it there.
I'll also point out that, per Forum Decorum, use of affiliate codes other than KB's own are not allowed here so the links couldn't be used here.

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