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This topic on authors here at the Kindleboards was started in another thread. I split it out here with its own heading so people could more easily find the info. L

Off the top of my head (please add to the list if I miss anyone):

Jeff Hepple, Gone for a Soldier and Treasure of La Malinche vol. 1 and 2
Mike Hicks, In Her Name
Anne Brooke, Thorn in the Flesh, Pink Champagne and Apple Juice
Al Past, Distant Cousin and its sequels
Rick Reed, IM, Deadly Vision, High Risk, In the Blood, A Face Without A Heart
P.A. Brown, L. A. Heat, L. A. Mischief
Dianne Salerni, High Spirits
Stephanie Rose, A Night in Paradise (short story)
James Martin, The Hunter
Leslie Nicoll, Joshua Tallent and DeLancey Nicoll, The Amazon Kindle FAQ
Sig Rosenblum, Assignment in Antibua, Spymaster: 'Wild Bill' Donovan, Father of the CIA, Julius Caesar: A Brief Biography
Chris Bauer, Scars on the Face of God: The Devil's Bible
Rye James, The Assassin, Escape, Bounty Hunter
Floyd M. Orr, The Last Horizon: Feminine Sexuality & The Class System, Timeline of America: Sound Bytes from the Consumer Culture
Trixie Stiletto, erotic romance author. Kindle titles include Guilty Intentions, Perfect Bound and Hot Off the Presses
Libby Cone, War on the Margins
David J. Guyton, Mighty Hammer Down
James D. Best, The Shopkeeper, The Shut Mouth Society
M. Andrew Sprong, Haley Cork and the Blue Door
Catherine M. Wilson, When Women Were Warriors, books I, II, & III
Dave A. Vance, 5900+ Cocktail Recipes and Martini Madness: 380 recipes to tempt your taste buds
Saundra McDavid, Sumerity
Staton Rabin, OH BOY! The Life and Music of Rock 'n' Roll Pioneer Buddy Holly
Harvey Chute, Zune for Dummies
Juliet Waldron, Mozart's Wife
Mark Coker, Boob Tube, with Lesleyann Coker
K.A. Thompson, Charybdis, As Simple As That, It's Not About the Cookies, Finding Father Rabbit
Boyd Morrison, The Ark, The Palmyra Impact, The Adamas Blueprint
Yale R. Jaffee, Advantage Disadvantage
R.J. Keller, Waiting for Spring
Dennis Batchelder, Soul Identity
Kevis Hendrickson, The Legend of Witch Bane, Rogue Hunter (Chronicles of the Rogue Hunter)
Julian Traas, The Rebirth of Rhin
Edward C. Patterson, The Jade Owl Series, Bobby's Trace and eight other Kindle books
Julian Traas, The Rebirth of Rhin
L.C. Evans, Night Camp
Jon F. Merz, Parallax, Vicarious
Glenn G. Thater, The Gateway, The Fallen Angle, Harbinger of Doom
Michael Balkind, Sudden Death
Debra Purdy Kong, Taxed to Death, Fatal Encryption
Alex Beecroft, Captain's Surrender, False Colors, Blessed Isle
Carolyn Kephart, Wysard, Lord Brother
Carol Hanrahan, Baling
Trish Lamoree, Painting the Roses Red, Never Smile at a Crocodile, The Crow and The Unicorn (Lamoree Fables)
Margaret Lake, Ariana's Pride
Maureen Miller, Widow's Tale, Rogue Wave
C. S. Marks, Elfhunter, Fire-Heart, Ravenshade
Marilyn Meredith, Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, Kindred Spirits (latest), writing as F.M. Meredith, Rocky Bluff PD crime series
Melanie Nowak, The Vampire Trilogy: Almost Human
Anthony S. Policastro, Dark End of the Spectrum, Absence of Faith
K.L. Romo, Is Harvey Dunne?
Brendan Carroll, Red Cross of Gold series, including Knight of Death and seven other books
Tanya Parker Mills, The Reckoning
J Dean, The Summoning of Clade Josso
Celia Hayes, To Truckee's Trail, The Adelsverein Trilogy
Rebecca Lerwill, Relocating Mia, The Acronym
Dawson Vosburg, Double Life
Holly Christine, The Nine Lives of Clemenza
Charles Emery, Dad, Dog, and Fish
Tanner Artesz, Shadow of the Ghost, Legacy of the Ghost
Dennis Mahagin, Grand Mal
William Woodall, The Prophet of Rain, Beneath a Star-Blue Sky, Cry for the Moon
Dave Dykema, Stalker, Wrong Number
Steve Hendry, Leapfrog
Jay A. Stout, Miss Kitty, Rocky and the Immortals
Elmore Hammes The Cloud, The Twenty Dollar Bill ebook and two other books
Julie H. Ferguson, Book Magic
Jack Stewart, The Caliphate
Suzanne Allain, Mr. Malcolm's List, Incognito
Brian D. Horne, The Testing Police
L.K. Campbell, Front Page News, A Soldier's Love, Gold Star Wife, A Different Tune
Justin Hollatz, The Drabtown Series
Sierra Rose, Celtic Evil: A Fitzgerald Brother Novel: Roarke
Steven Harper, Dreamer, Nightmare
Preston DuBose, Buried Tales of Pinebox, Texas
C.L. Moyer, Convincing Sky
Maria Hooley, Sojurner
Lee Goldberg, Diagnosis Murder: The Last Word (and many other books)
Robert Walker, Dead On, Children of Salem
Jeff Bach, Down the River Up the Road
Gary Taylor, Luggage by Kroger
Tommy Jonq, Gemini Tiger
Michael C. Greer, Carmella Jackson: Manifest Vampire
John Pearson, Learn Me Good
Gem Sivad, Wolf's Tender, Intimate Strangers
J.E. Johnson, The Legend of Oescienne
John Hartness, Returning the Favor and other slices of life
Daniel Powell, An Autumn Harvest
Jim Chambers, Recollections: A Baby Boomer's Memories of the Fabulous Fifties
Christopher Meeks, The Middle-Aged Man and the Sea, Months and Seasons
Keith Melton, Blood Vice
Kelly Huddleston, Alone in the Company of Others
Kristan Hoffman, Twenty-Somewhere
E.N. Holland, Taming Groomzilla, Our One and Only
Erastes, Transgressions, Frost Fair, Standish
Armen Chakmakjian, Urtaru
Maria E. Schneider, Sage: Tales from a Magical Kingdom, Catch an Honest Thief
Damian Santiago, Erotic Tales
Alan Baxter, RealmShift, MageSign
Jane Bled, Master Book 1: Crimson, Poison
Nicolas Ambrose, A Small Matter of Destiny
Cassandra Curtis, Shifting Tides: Song of the Sea, Black Magic Woman, The Midnight Effect
Kathi Wallace, Assiniboin Girl
Eric Christopherson, Crack-Up
Randolph Lalonde, Spinward Fringe Series, First Light Chronicles Trilogy
Anne Lebrecht, (did not give me names of her books in PM)
Michael F. Stewart, 24 Bones
Brad Marlowe, Sleepwalker: The Last Sandman
Chris J, The "End of Days" Cycle
Anna Murray, Unbroken Hearts, Untamed Hearts
Denny Swartzlander, Eleganta: A Novel of Fairykind
Deborah J. Ledford, Staccato
Paul Clayton, Carl Melcher Goes to Vietnam, White Seed: The Untold Story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke
Tom Hoobler, Be Careful What You Witch For
Kelly Abell, Sealed in Lies, Haunted Destiny
Linda Welch, Along Came a Demon
K. Raven Rozier, Last Door, Iron Desire: The Legacy of Notre Dame Football Coach Frank Leahy
Heather Parker, Middlewitch
G. Hugh Bodell, Treachery in Turtle Bay
Alan Hutcheson, Boomerang
Ricky Sides, Birth of the Peacekeepers
K.L. Brady, The Bum Magnet
Kristen J. Tsetsi, Carol's Aquarium, Home Front
Steve Anderson, Besserwisser: A Novel
Wendy Raven McNair, Asleep, Awake
Pati Nagle, The Betrayal, P.G. Nagle, Glorieta Pass
Arne L. Bue, Night of the Tustumena, Baxter Bog Interlude
Alex Stone, Hauling Checks
Bryan Gilmer, Felonious Jazz, Kill the Story
Mark Asher, Humphrey was Here, Old Friends: Great Dogs on the Good Life
Joseph Rhea, Cyberdrome
David Edger, Islamic Radicalism and Global Jihad
Shelley Stout, Radium Halos, A Novel About the Radium Dial Painters
Matthew Eldridge, Saint Nicholas, the Christmas Story
Victoria Lane, Shattered Images
Mark R. Probst, The Filly, Not to Reason Why
Adele Clagett, The Legend of the Seahawk
Reese Reed, Childproofed
T.C. Beacham, Escaping Celia, Leave Me Gasping

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This is from the forum decorum...please read and remember. Thanks!

- Authors: We are fortunate to have quite a few authors who have joined KindleBoards. Here are some guidelines about getting the word out about your books:
- You may post one thread about your book, in the Book Bazaar board. You can use that thread to introduce your book, include a brief review, etc.
- Do not post your book in other boards, or in the Book Bazaar's Free Books or Bargains Books threads.
- We have a Link Maker (see the top of the screen). Authors are strongly encouraged to use the link maker to include a link with a cover of their book, which takes interested folks directly to Amazon where people can read reviews, sample the book and buy it if they want.
- Do not "bump" your thread with the word "bump" or through similar tactics. You are welcome to keep your thread "lively" by posting information about your book (reviews, author interviews, etc.) and of course, you can always reply to comments from others in the thread.
- Do not re-post Amazon reviews here. If you do have reviews of your book at other sites, you may include a link (don't repost the whole review) to that site.
- You may list your book, and a small graphic if desired, in your forum signature.
- Some authors have had contests or promotions to publicize their book. If you are interested in doing that, please PM a moderator to make sure the promotion is in line with forum guidelines.
- If you are interested in leading a "read with the author" book club, please PM Betsy to discuss.
- We have a thread with "Authors here at KindleBoards" that includes a running list of authors. If you would like your name to be added to that list, please send Leslie a PM.
- For more author-related tips and guidelines related to these boards, see this excellent post:,6405.msg132546.html#msg132546

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I have modified this thread, to include only the author listing and forum decorum rules. I have also locked it. If you want to be included on the list, please send me a PM. I tend to do the additions in batches so if your name isn't added immediately, don't panic. I will get to it. If there are any authors here at KindleBoards who are missing from the list right now (I just added to it) please send me a message and I will add you.

Please note: I am trying to keep each author's entry to one line, so if you have written dozens of books, pick one or two of your favorite titles for listing.

If you have any questions, please send me a PM. Thanks!

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Since the original list was getting very long, I decide to start a new post for Authors Here at KindleBoards.

David Dalglish, The Weight of Blood
Laurel Jaguar, Big Skye Ranch
J. Gregory Smith, Final Price
Patrick L. Halliwell, Bosozoku and Other Stories of Japan; The Honest MBA and Other Selected Humor
Susanne O'Leary did not include book titles in PM
Darrell Knight, Buffalo Airways
J.T. Cummins, Cobblestones; Weaker Sex; The Jitters
Suzy Witten, The Afflicted Girls
Chris Cihlar, Primary Victim; The Grilled Cheese Madonna
David Derrico, Right Ascension; Declination
April Capil, did not include book titles in PM
Jonathan Sturak, Clouded Rainbow
Claude Limoges, The Seasoning of Rebecca
Scott Nicholson, The Red Church; Burial to Follow
Meryl McQueen, Wrapped (and many other titles)
Carla Capshaw, did not include book titles in PM
Amy Stewart, The Last Bookstore in America
Lotus Landry, Skookum Man
Kolina Topel, Royal Blood
Liam James Leaven, On the Origins of Joy Boy's Chasm
Robin Reed, Xanthan Gumm; Powers vs. Power
Richard Jackson, The Gift of Fury; Fall from Grace
PV Lundqvist, Not Just for Breakfast Anymore
Christopher Finlan, Not a Fire Exit
Bryan Alaspa, After the Snowfall
Dave Morehouse, Psalter for the 21st Century
Nicola Furlong, A Hemorrhaging of Souls; Youdunit Whodunit! How to Write Mysteries
S.K. Gray, Snapshots
R.M. Putnam, Destiny's Warriors
L.K. Gardner-Griffie, Misfit McCabe; Nowhere Feels Like Home
Rebecca Forster, Hostile Witness; Silent Witness; Privileged Witness
Gary Ballard, Under the Amoral Bridge
Donna Fasano, The Merry-Go-Round
Scott L. Collins, Day's End

Please PM me with any changes or corrections. Thanks!


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Hi everyone,

Jeff has taken over the list for authors and created two threads that are much more organized than this: one by genre and one which is an alphabetical order master list. I have stickied both of those and unstickied this one. If you want to be added to the threads, see the instructions within the threads themselves or send Jeff a PM. Thanks!

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