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To our author-members:

Welcome to KindleBoards!

Please do not post sales announcements for your books here in Special Deals and Discounts.

If you're having a sale or a special promotion for your book, please use your existing book thread in the Book Bazaar to announce it. Don't have an existing thread? Start one for your book.

If you just got here and are looking around, we have three major rules for promotion:

1. Self promotion may only be done in the Book Bazaar. This means that you may not mention your book in other forums, even in passing or even in response to a request for recommendations.

2. You may only have one thread for your book in the Book Bazaar and must reply to it rather than start a new thread if you have new information. So please, bookmark your thread so you can find it again. New threads will be removed without comment.

3. You may only make back-to-back posts in your thread once every seven days. If someone replies, you may respond, but if yours is the last post in the thread, you must wait seven days. You may modify your existing posts at any time.

Read more about our rules in Forum Decorum.

Be sure to check out the "10 Tips for Authors" at the top of the Writers' Café.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Thanks for being part of KindleBoards.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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