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Has anyone utilized this site before? Is it still very active? Is this a useful site to use to promote your books? I'd love to hear some experiences with the site :)
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Sadly, the first I've heard of it... But that's me.
Wow! There's a name from the past. I went there once in a while many, many years ago. I had completely forgotten about it. I'll have to check it out to see if it's still active.  :)
I belong but can't say that it does me any good.  Far better sites to join, in my opinion, are Goodreads and LibraryThing.  Other authors may have different opinions.

Patricia Rockwell
par2323 said:
I belong but can't say that it does me any good. Far better sites to join, in my opinion, are Goodreads and LibraryThing. Other authors may have different opinions.

Patricia Rockwell
Nope. I agree with you. I joined AD, but I haven't seen so much as a blip from it. I'd stick with GR, personally.
I have joined and receive stats on who visits my website. I see people look for information more than books. Haven't sold any books through them. But there was some promotional events I was asked to do. They had a booth at the LA Times Book Festival and rotated their authors for an hour. For like $250 bucks, you could sit and sign your book at their booth for an hour. Thing is, I'd have to factor in the costs to get there and hotel fees too. I found a book festival in Northern CA, closer to where I live, and it was $175. That included tent rental, table and chairs, and I can sit all day and sell books and sign them. So you have to shop around for deals. If I lived closer to LA, it might have been a good deal, but I'm 6 hours away by car.  :D

That's my experience so far with

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I just signed up after months of meaning to look into it.

Be forewarned - it is not a quick set-up, as you have to fill in basically everything before they will display your profile, including your ISBN numbers and such. I'll go back later to do some more on it, but it already ate up a chunk of time, and I am supposed to be working (pinching myself as a reminder).

Also, it seems they don't allow you to post erotica, just FYI. R-rated and below.

It looks okay, though. I just took the free membership, so nothing lost.

Thanks for the reminder!
My experience on the den is that people like to comment on one another's poetry and become online friends. I did go to the LA Festival of Books, sponsored in their booth. I have sold a few books through them, but do better with
Thanks for the insight, everyone! I joined Author's Den with a free account and was going to update my information. The site boasts over a million visitors a month, so I figured it might be another great way to get exposure and possible networking.

So is essentially the predecessor of GoodReads? Or was GoodReads around longer?
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