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A blog I follow is co-hosting a huge blogger event in April. It is centered around book blogging and will include panels on a variety of topics.

She's looking for sponsors of authors and publishers who are willing to donate prizes to be won during the panels as well as thank you gifts for the volunteers. Just to reiterate, almost everyone involved is somehow connected to the reviewing and promoting of books.

Here is the sponsor information link

Once she has several sponsors, she will be putting sponsors name on the sidebar.

If you look around, they are also looking for panelists. Some are on copy editing, some are on design, graphics, reviewing. Most of the panels aren't really suited to authors from what I can see, but I know we have a lot of board members who do fill other roles =) Lots and lots of opportunities to be involved and get your name out there.

It would be great if those that decide to take advantage of this perhaps post here, just so that others can find this thread.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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