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B&N republished all of my pulled titles

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The first books in my two series are both enrolled in Select. Understandably, I sell very little on B&N. I rarely even check my account over there. Well, that's a big mistake! I got an email from Amazon last night saying they had found my Select book on B&N. Since I took it down almost a year ago, I was confused and headed over there. Sure enough, the book was listed on sale in my account--along with all of the titles I've ever had there. I had some pen name stuff I no longer sell *anywhere* that I had taken down months ago--all of that was for sale too.

What the heck, B&N? Has anyone else ever had something like this happen? If you have Select stuff you used to sell there, it might be a good idea to go check your account and make sure it's still unpublished.
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Yep. E-Reads had dutifully unpublished 37 titles at BN in May when they reverted e-rights for those books. A couple of weeks ago the books all showed up as republished and live on BN despite E-Reads no longer having the rights to publish them digitally. I got the email from Amazon, too, about the 25 books we've republished and put into Select, and copied the KDP compliance department on my retakedown notice to E-Reads, pointing out that authors and publishers have no idea this is happening. I have had no further communication from Amazon or BN on this topic. 
Oh, whoa! Thanks for the alert! I'm going to check both B&N and Kobo and make sure The Eye is still unpublished there, since I reupped with Select a month or two ago.
There was a thread about this two or three weeks ago. Quite a few of us discovered B&N had put "off sale" items back on sale. The good news is that once you correct it, it seems to stay corrected. I guess it was a temporary glitch that didn't correct itself.

ETA: In fact, I'm the one who started the thread. I guess that's why I remember it. :D,135864.0.html
Eek! Thanks for the heads up. Just checked. Thankfully all of my B&N titles that're in Select are still 'off sale' - but I'll definitely keep an eye on them from now on. Didn't know this was happening..
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