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I wanted to announce the release of my new book. It's called Ballet of the Bones and here's the blurb.

Four short tales of Victorian terror, each bound to the other by a chilling thread.

London suffocates under the festering reek of its bursting graveyards.

Ballet of the Bones - The curtain goes up on the greatest show on earth, but is everything all it seems?

The Bone House - The grave digger reflects on his morbid life, but what does his future hold?

The Engineer - His creations are beautiful, intricate and for a discerning palate.

Encore - The director makes ready for the end of the show.

13,700 words.

You can buy it here!

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I've just reviewed 'Ballet of the Bones', you can see my review on Amazon or on my blog (, but in short, if you like horror, the get this book.

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Hi, I wanted to post my reviews!

5.0 out of 5 stars Fine Victorian Horror March 21, 2013
By M. Brookes
After reading the previous collection 'The Mask of the Macabre' (if you haven't read that yet - you should) I picked this up immediately hoping for more of the same and I wasn't disappointed. While it follows on loosely from 'Mask of the Macabre', you don't need to have read that to read 'Ballet of the Bones', but as I've already said, if you haven't you should.

'Ballet of the Bones' follows the same format of four short stories that weave in and out of each other. My favourite was the story about the grave digger, but they were all good. The setting is Victorian London and the writing matches that of the period.

This is traditional horror at its finest, a must read for horror fans.

5.0 out of 5 stars Nastily believable! March 18, 2013
By Ignite
Ballet of the bones is the second quartet of Victorian style horror stories by David Haynes. He has caught the rhythm of the formal language very nicely and has capitalised on the obsession with death, bones, decay and human frailty. It's not necessary to have read the previous book, Mask of the Macabre, but if you have done, you'll find a few pleasing links between those stories and these.

David Haynes is developing his style well and there are some resounding Victorianesque phrases here that delighted me. With 2 collections of these gruesome tales under his belt, I would like to see him tackle a longer work again. I saw a pre-publication copy of this book and I think that classic horror fans will love these stories. They are all too nastily believable.

4.0 out of 5 stars Another delightfully creepy quartet March 17, 2013
By Jonnyboy (Jonathan)
'Ballet of the Bones' is another delightfully creepy quartet from the mind of Mr Haynes. The author is clearly at ease when writing this genre and I sincerely hope there are more collections of these spooky shorts to follow.

As with the author's previous book, 'Mask of the Macabre', each story is linked to the others and I really enjoyed trying to guess and identify the connections. The book is like a jigsaw, and by the time the stories have been read, you have slotted together all the pieces. Despite this, each story still works as a stand-alone piece. It is a clever device and, combined with the wonderfully evocative atmosphere created amongst the pages, this is another winning set of short stories.

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