All Things Dark and Radiant, by Eren Morgul. (Still 0.99?)

"Quite a mystery indeed... There are a number of fascinating stories; all well written.. It sucked me in until I finished it in just a couple of days. Science fiction elements are intriguing and connections between the stories are well thought out. These connections aren't always obvious, so it was fun trying to figure them out or be surprised by them." -- Amazon Reviewer

An Aztec Prince undergoes a dark and surreal journey, set in motion by the betrayal of his brother and exacerbated by the loss of a loved one.

A private investigator digs deep through the mystery surrounding privately held executions.

A chemist serves as a guinea pig for a newly synthesized drug which has an unexpected side effect of revealing another reality.

All, in addition to the stories of a spatial assassin, a military officer and an A.I. specialist, prove to be interwoven with each other. Piece by piece, the veils on their connections are lifted..

153 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 5 reviews.

TWO HEARTS SURRENDERED (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 1), by Tamara Ferguson. (Still 0.99?)

"This was an intense and emotional, but romantic read, that appeared to be very well-researched. The story had just the perfect amount of information about a severely injured wounded warrior, without overloading the reader with too many graphic details. This author is a delightful storyteller who has a knack for injecting humor in just the right places, as well as transforming the most negative of circumstances into the positive." -- Amazon Reviewer

#1 AMAZON BEST SELLER (2 Best Seller Lists)
#1 In 8 WOUNDED WARRIOR Categories
New Adult Finalist-2016 TRR Readers' Choice Award
Multi-Award Winning, #1 Bestselling Author
WINNER Romance Reviews Readers' Choice Award

New Adult & Anthology Romance

Luke Bryant and Kelly Callahan met on the beach at Dragonfly Pointe when they were only kids. And ever since thirteen-year old Luke saved six-year old Kelly from drowning, they've felt an undeniable connection. But Luke has a tarnished past, and despite his attraction to Kelly when they're growing up, he just doesn't think he's good enough for her.

When Luke comes home on leave from the Air Force, and attends the Magical Wedding of Kelly's sister Kate (Romance Reviews Readers' Choice Award WINNER-That Unforgettable Kiss), Luke and Kelly finally share an enchanting night of passion. They simply can't help themselves--they've loved each other nearly their entire lives.

College student Kelly has everything going for her--she's not only beautiful, but intelligent too. So when Luke eventually returns home from Iraq as a disheartened wounded warrior, even though he appears to want nothing to do with her, she refuses to give up on him. It's not about his looks, or his past--it's all about the connection they've shared since they were kids. Fate has always meant for them to be together--she's sure of it.

But will that past night of enchantment, be strong enough magic, for a military hero to finally surrender his heart to the woman he loves?

Magical Weddings Was A Top Ten Bestseller
This Novella Ranked #112 In Military Romance!

109 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 23 reviews.

TWO HEARTS UNSPOKEN (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 2), by Tamara Ferguson. (Still 0.99?)

"I couldn't put this story down once I began reading. This author has a unique style of writing that truly tugs at the heart. The humor is inventive and imaginative, and there's a lot of emotion impacted into her words. If you're looking for a well-plotted, [happily ever after] story with believable characters, who somehow manage to find love in the most difficult of circumstances, you should definitely read Two Hearts Unspoken." -- Amazon Reviewer

#1 HOT NEW RELEASE-Ebooks & Books
#1 In 8 WOUNDED WARRIOR Categories

From The Bestselling Mother's Day Magic Anthology
Multi-Award Winning, Bestselling Author &
WINNER 2015 TRR Readers' Choice Award New Adult Romance
WINNER 2016 TRR Readers' Choice Award Anthology Romance

The single mom of a severely autistic son, Elizabeth Bowen is a full-time accountant in Illinois. But the plant where she's been working will be closing soon, due to the struggling economy in Illinois. She's had her hands full with her son Kyle, since his father's been long out of the picture, so when the opportunity to enroll Kyle in a vocational facility in Wisconsin comes up, she gladly accepts.

Retired air force captain, Zachary Logan, is a wounded warrior, searching for anew life for himself outside of the air force. When he relocates to the town of Crystal Rock at the invitation of his friend, Luke Bryant, he realizes he's found it, and accepts the position of administrator at the recently built wounded warrior facility.

When Beth and Zach meet at the beach at Dragonfly Pointe, their attraction to each other is instantaneous. And the most wonderful thing of all? Zach is accepting of her special needs son, Kyle, for exactly who he is.

But even after getting to know each other better, and sharing an incredibly passionate kiss, Beth is puzzled by Zach's behavior. What's Zach hiding, that's preventing him from taking the next step?

Could these two lonely people discover love is that something unspoken, that's been missing from their lives?

146 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 28 reviews.

Facade (Iris Reid Mystery Book 2), by Susan Cory. (Still 0.99?)

"A wonderful read. I stayed up all night to finish it. This one has a sophisticated plot...the clues are all there and still the mystery works. I love Iris Reid, her friends, her dog, and the astutely observed academic politics of the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The architecture, the forensics, the character development - everything works to produce an incredible new sleuth and mystery writer!" -- Amazon Reviewer

Smart and gutsy architect, Iris Reid, is plunged into the dark world surrounding a missing Cambridge schoolgirl. One of the girl's last visits was to Xander DeWitt, Harvard's handsome guest starchitect, who denies that they ever met. Only Iris can provide an alibi that will allow DeWitt to keep his perfect life, but can she actually vouch for his innocence? KIRKUS says: "Cory gleefully breezes through subplots and twists with a resourceful protagonist at the helm...Supporting characters are outstanding...the ending is bound to surprise."

374 pages, with a 5-star rating from 13 reviews.

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