Continuance, by Marta Tandori. (Still 2.99?)

In this highly-rated thriller, a young boy is abducted near Annie Eastwood's restaurant in an old bulding in Savannah, and in their search police find murdered remains from a century ago. Annie uncovers an old scandal with ties to the abduction, putting her own life in jeopardy.

"From New York, to Savannah, to Boston and Miami, this story is a veritable journey through history. The immigrant community, the slums and the fight to survive is compared vividly to the lifestyles of the rich with their parties, cotillions and balls. We are taken to a railroad camp in Florida where we meet some Chinese immigrants and learn some of the horrors that they had to live with in order to survive here in America. Layer upon layer, and plot upon plot this story will keep you going right up until the end. Very enjoyable." -- Amazon reviewer

When seven-year-old Ethan du Maurier, only son and heir of New York City real estate tycoon, Alexander du Maurier, disappears during school recess, the FBI quickly determines that his disappearance was an abduction. Within hours of a special news bulletin airing nationwide, the FBI's hotline is inundated with anonymous tips relating to sightings of a little boy matching Ethan's description outside a historic Savannah building, now a newly-renovated eatery. The FBI quickly assembles a task force and searches the premises but instead of finding little Ethan, they stumble upon the century-old remains of what appears to be a murdered man hidden in a pirate's tunnel under the historic building.

With her restaurant on temporary lockdown pending the FBI's forensic investigation, owner Annie Eastwood researches the history of the building she inherited, hoping it will shed some light on the identity of the murdered man, but what she uncovers are bits and pieces of a horrible scandal that nearly destroyed the du Maurier family over a century ago. With hopes for Ethan's safe return dwindling by the hour, Annie finds an unlikely lead in an old classified ad from a Boston newspaper which connects the events of the past to the present-day abduction of Ethan du Maurier-and to the identity of his abductor. Determined to rescue little Ethan before time runs out, Annie quickly realizes that the boy's abductor will stop at nothing-even murder-in order to exact his revenge.

301 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 18 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Noble Intentions: Season Two (Episodes 6-10), by L.T. Ryan. (Still 0.99?)

Get this full-length Jack Noble thriller for 99 cents today! And you can pick up Season 1 for free today.

"Season 2 of Noble Intentions explores the repercussions of what happened in season 1. Jack has to get back on his feet and get back into the swing of things, even if he doesn't want to. All of our favorite characters are back, and we get to see what they've been up to during Jack's absence. In some instances, it will definitely surprise you. This season covers another great story arc, and we get to delve deeper into the lives of the characters we've come to know and love. The end of the book leads into season 3 seamlessly, and I for one am highly anticipating the next episode!" -- Amazon reviewer

Jack Noble is dead. A ghost. At least that is what the world believes. Truth is, he's been hiding out on the Greek Island of Crete for six months.
Three people know Jack's secret. One is with him. Another needs him back in the U.S. The third wants him dead.
Six months is a long time for a guy like Jack to be out of action. His edge has eroded. He is contemplating leaving his old life, slipping away, disappearing for good. But Jack realizes he can't hide forever. He made a mess, now he has to clean it up. He will repay his debt.
Or die trying.
This is the season compilation of Episodes 6-10 of the serial action thriller Noble Intentions. �

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478 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 55 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

Servant of the Gods, by Valerie Douglas. (Still 0.99?)

In this historical fantasy set in Egypt, young Irisi is captured by the Egyptian army and is forced to fight in the ring for entertainment. Praised by its readers as "magnificent," "fast-paced," and "unforgettable."

"Forget everything you have ever read about ancient Egypt! This book not only describes it, Ms.Douglas takes you there! Along the way are unforgettable characters that will enchant you, have you admiring their strength and courage as well as a few that will have you cringing as they attempt to maneuver their way to the Egyptian throne. But it's also a love story - not only between a man and woman, but love of friends, duty and country. Irisi, a brave as well as beautiful woman has you cheering, crying and in the end, admiring her steadfast love. And Khai - the man that Irisi loves, has all the qualities that one could ask for in a hero but still is very human. The author has done a wonderful job in very vividly describing the events and times from long ago as well as peopled it with personalities that are vivid and alive. It's a great read!" -- Amazon reviewer

Orphaned as a child, Irisi became a mercenary to survive. Captured by the Egyptian army and made the spoils of war, she finds herself forced to fight in the ring for entertainment. In a desperate attempt to regain her freedom she throws herself on the mercy of the Gods, only to discover that her fate is written in prophecy...
329 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 15 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

The Dark Legion (Book 2 of The Plantation), by Stella Samiotou Fitzsimons. (Still 0.99?)

Pick up this second book in the Plantation series for 99 cents, and get the first book for free!

"After falling in love with The Plantation, I couldnt wait to get my copy of book #2! Freya battles with not only her new power but also her heart in deciding on what to do with Damian and Finn. Such a tough choice! Freya finds someone from her past who joins the Saviors. In the end, Freya makes her choice only to have them nasty Aliens mess things up!" -- Amazon reviewer

**SPECIAL PRICING for a limited time** Normally $2.99


They have waited for her all these years, even before she was born. She lives hidden from their vulture-like drones, hidden in the dark, cavernous lair of her enemies.

The unseen ones will come for her. They must come for her. Their very existence depends on finding her, the girl with the gift of light, of power, of life.

Haunted by a past she does not understand, by a destiny they plan for her, Freya must leave the Saviors behind, leave Damian and Finn, leave even little Pip and embark on a perilous journey with a beastly warrior.

She will venture out beyond the ends of the charted lands, risking all she holds dear to cross the dead zone to where the Dark Legion awaits.

THE SHADOW EMPIRE (Book 3 of The Plantation) is also available.

240 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 20 reviews.

USA United Kingdom Canada Germany France Spain Japan Italy Brazil

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