The Intelligent Home Seller: How to Keep More of Your Money When You Sell Your Home (The Intelligent Consumer Series Book 1), by Carl Weisman. (Still 0.99?)

"A must read! I wish I'd had this book before I sold my house. The work is easy to read with well articulated easy to follow rationale. Weisman begins by sharing his own experience of selling his home providing extraordinary insight into the selling process, and the forces that drive realtor behavior. Having provided insightful context for real estate transactions he then offers great suggestions on how to use that knowledge to fuel a powerful advantage for keeping more of your money when selling your home." -- Amazon Reviewer


Most people will never undertake the task of selling their own home. Consequently, this book is for people who would like some help from a real estate agent to sell their home. But just because you need some help doesn't mean you want to get ripped off. If you are unprepared when you hire an agent, they will be keeping more of your money, not you.

How many of these mistakes will you make?
• Choosing a lousy real estate agent
• Paying 6% realtor commission because you think it is your only choice
• Not negotiating a lower commission because you don't know how
• Not understanding the conflicts of interest between you and your agent
• Not taking an active and informed role in the sale of your home

There is no reason why anyone should pay $20,000 or $30,000 or $40,000 to sell their home. Not with today's technology. The proportion of home equity a seller is expected to sacrifice to sell their home is way out of line with the service they receive to sell it today. You can negotiate substantially lower commissions IF you know what you are doing.

This book is written for all those home sellers who realize just how hard they worked for the equity in their home and refuse to give it away without a fight.

Every home seller who uses what this book teaches can pocket a few extra thousand dollars from the sale of their home. Just one paragraph alone on page 131 should save every home seller who reads it a minimum of $2,000. But this book is especially valuable for those selling homes over $300,000.

What you will learn in this book:

• The number one challenge to keeping more of your money when selling your home
• The 5 psychology traps to avoid when getting ready to sell
• Tricks the real estate industry plays to get you to pay too much
• The 2 investments every home seller should make to sell their home quicker
• The different types of real estate agents you can hire
• Why using a referral to find an agent is generally a bad idea
• How to tell a good real estate agent from a bad one BEFORE you hire them
• How to know exactly what your agent will do for you AFTER you hire them
• Why realtor reviews are a waste of time
• How to drive down all fees by getting service providers to compete for your business
• The ONLY way to negotiate substantially lower real estate commission
• The serious conflicts of interest between you and your agent and what to do about them
• The dirty little secret behind listing agreements and how to combat it
• The 2 critical things you must get right to sell your home for top dollar
• Free web services home sellers can take advantage of
• The 6 ways home sellers needlessly throw away money and how to avoid them


You can Google it or look on Amazon but you will not find this information anywhere else. Why is that? The only people who could write this book, those in the real estate industry, do not want you to have this information, because it will cost them money.

Lots of books teach you how to get your home sold, this is the only one that teaches you how to keep more of your money. It is time to put an end to the industry's outdated customs and The Intelligent Home Seller shows you the way.

The author, Carl Weisman, has written four books and has been on radio and television. Previously he was a sales trainer who taught real estate agents how to market themselves and how to overcome buyer and seller objections. Now, Mr. Weisman is committed to making a dramatic change in the real estate industry by educating and empowering home sellers to ensure the agent-seller relationship is more fair for both parties.

Do not be intimidated into squandering away your hard-earned equity due to an abundance of fear and a lack of education. Purchase The Intelligent Home Seller now.

205 pages, with a 5-star rating from 6 reviews.

Deadly Lies, by Chris Patchell. (Still 0.99?)

"I will read this book again. It has been added to my FAVORITES list. Jill Shannon is not someone to mess with and neither is her husband Alex. Throughout this book, I was left guessing to what would happen next. I was amazed of the depth of the book. There was so much going on all the time that engulfed into the book. I wanted and want more. I want book 2!" -- Amazon Reviewer

As a teenager, Jill Shannon fell victim to her stepfather's cruel abuse. Now, as an adult, Jill's made it-she has a successful career and a solid, if not static, marriage to Detective Alex Shannon. Together they live out what seems to be a perfect life in Seattle.

The vow she made as a teenager to never again be a victim lies dormant-until one day a reporter lures her to his hotel room under the pretense of an interview-and suddenly it all comes rushing back.

Jill seeks revenge on the reporter, triggering a series of events that leads Jill down a wormhole of retribution, forcing her to spin an ever-widening web of lies.

Meanwhile, Alex is on the case of a series of murders that began as cyber relationships. There seems to be a familiar fingerprint on these crimes, but Alex refuses to believe that the murderer could be so close to him.

For those who couldn't put down The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo comes a thrilling ride a la Mr. and Mrs. Smith, where husband and wife stand on opposite sides of a divide created by lies and rooted in a dark and deadly past.

368 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 106 reviews.

HOLY SPIRIT COME: Releasing Your Spiritual Gifts (The Art of Charismatic Christian Living Book 3), by Connie Bryson. (Still 2.99?)

"Holy Spirit Come is a challenge to every believer to live in the presence and anointing of the Holy Spirit. This author takes Scripture's exhortation to heart, that those who follow Jesus are meant to walk in the miraculous today. Reading this book's modern-day stories opens your eyes to the incredible things God is still doing through ordinary people. With all of its Scripture references and examples, this book would make a great group Bible study. It's also a compelling personal handbook on the Holy Spirit with chapters on the supernatural spiritual gifts. So glad I read this book!" -- Amazon Reviewer

Experience the Power of God

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be equipped with power from on high? To be filled with the Holy Spirit? You may see miracles beyond your imaginings. You may be given gifts of healing, or prophecy. There is no limit to what God may have for you. All you have to do is yield and receive. You may have questions:

• Who is the Holy Spirit?
• Are the supernatural gifts still operating today?
• What is it to be baptized with the Holy Spirit?
• Don't all Christians have this power?
• How do I receive my spiritual gifts?

Whether you read this book on your own or with a group, dive into what the Bible really has to say about your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Discover what gifts await release in your life. Begin to move in the resurrection power of Jesus. Be used to the fullest not only for your own spiritual growth, but also for the advancement of God's Kingdom.

Click above to start reading Holy Spirit Come now!

146 pages, with a 5-star rating from 9 reviews.

Daydreams and Devils, by Robert Cowan. (Still 0.99?)

"'Daydreams and Devils' is effectively two books in one. Although these two main threads are seemingly unrelated at the beginning, the author skilfully alternates between them and gradually weaves them together to culminate in an edge-of-the-seat climax. Along the way, there's plenty of action, authentically snappy dialogue, some great imagery, utterly believable, well-rounded characters and a generous helping of humour." -- Amazon Reviewer

Amazon UK No1 bestseller 'Daydreams and Devils' blends crime, coming of age and dark humour.
Vincent, with his sadistic right hand man Frankie, seeks to expand his interests with his own brand of gangland psycho terrorism.
James, a young music obsessive, leaves school determined to do life his way, dreaming of glory in a gang with guitars.
But as two worlds collide will dreams become nightmares?

"I loved it, the imagination, the images evoked by the prose and the skill involved in bringing it all together."
"plenty of action, authentically snappy dialogue, some great imagery, utterly believable, well-rounded characters and a generous helping of humour."
"With shifting narrative, complex and engaging characters, and an entertaining plot peppered with occasionally acerbic humour, Cowan's sophomore offering shows none of the signs of that difficult second album."
"Cowan is the master of entertaining dialogue. He allows us to connect with the characters through their rich and sometimes disgusting language."
"I adored this book. It was face paced, exciting and full of humour. I couldn't wait to turn the page and finished it in a few days."

I don't know where Robert Cowan came from. Maybe he just appeared from a wormhole from the future. Maybe he was grown in a petri-dish and only unleashed on society when the scientists were satisfied that he wouldn't do any damage to us little people. Maybe. Probably not. Anyway, wherever he came from, he brought with him a quality book, and I'm glad he did." - Ryan Bracha, author of 'The Switched' and 'Dead man' trilogy

"Cowan joins the ranks of a new breed of British novelists, telling their stories the way they want them told." - Mark Wilson, author of the 'dEadinburgh'
and 'Lanarkshire Strays' series.

"I have this thing about Scottish authors. There's a stack of really high quality writers putting out high grade work... And now in this list is Robert Cowan" - Keith Nixon, author of 'The Fix' and 'I'm dead again'.

"The sort of dark humour Scottish writers excel at ... think Christopher Brookmyre"- Colin Wakeford, Musician

"I expect many more great things coming by way of this author. I for one will certainly be the first in line to snatch them up." - Craig Furchtenicht, author of Dimebag Bandits.

234 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 6 reviews.

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