Unexpected Treasure (The Lost Andersons - Book 1) (Billionaire Bachelors 8), by Melody Anne. (Still 0.99?)

"Haley Sutherland, a shy and emotionally battered woman is given an assignment that will help her build the self esteem that she lacks. She seeks out Crew who she believes will help her with the assignment. Without a doubt I love this author's writing. The story is so much more than a romantic love story. It's about family, values, and most importantly it's about self discovery. This is a must read and cannot wait for the next story in the beloved Anderson's!" -- Amazon Reviewer


The Andersons are back in this exciting new line of the bestselling series everyone is talking about. In this new series, you will meet Richard Storm and his five children, and the circumstances that ripped him away from his brothers, Joseph and George Anderson. See how they finally meet. The bonds of an Anderson bloodline are too strong to keep their family apart forever.

Richard Storm is saddened that his children are throwing away their lives, and offers them an ultimatum. They have two years to take a failing business and make it a success or they lose their trust funds, and are on their own. His stubborn children think he's gone insane, but they don't know the powerful secret that can knock them to their knees and tear their family apart. Will they come together as they should, or will self-centeredness consume their hearts, ripping their family apart forever?

Crew Storm opens an exclusive resort in the Catalina Islands off the coast of California, and pride swells within him as he accomplishes the impossible. Everything is going on track until a blond steps into his life and begs him to teach her how to be the perfect seductress after she researches his technique of charming and luring women to his bedroom.

Haley Sutherland is done with her fears, done being a wallflower and done being invisible. She comes up with a brilliant idea to find the perfect person to teach her how to seduce the man she truly wants. Though, the person she's chosen to be her teacher is Crew Storm, soon she finds she's forgetting her first love's name.

This story will take you on a journey through the heart as Crew teaches Haley more than she ever imagined, and finds himself gaining more than he thought he needed.

Reunite with the Andersons as they discover new relatives and meet this new branch in the Anderson line. Will love truly conquer all, or will stubbornness make them lose everything they never knew they had.

If you want to see where it all began, pick up your copy of; "The Billionaire Wins the Game" for free, available now.

281 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 526 reviews.

Immigrants: Coming of Age: Literary Fiction: Multicultural: Family Saga: Sweetwater American, by Eileen Cruz Coleman. (Still 0.99?)

"A beautifully written story about immigrants and their families that will touch all your emotions. The story centers on Sandy, a would be filmmaker and her life in Washington, DC and her life in El Salvador after the death of her parents. It also covers her family and friends and their stories. Complex but very readable and I honestly could not put this book down. It will leave you thinking..." -- Amazon Reviewer

A haunting and emotional story about the lives of immigrants in Washington, D.C. and the challenges and secrets they must overcome to keep their families together on their journey to a better life in America.

Set in Washington, D.C. and El Salvador, SWEETWATER AMERICAN is the story of two women who find one another in an unlikely way and who soon discover that they need each other in order to heal and overcome past tragedies.

Sandy is an orphan and would-be filmmaker who, at a young age, is sent to live in a cursed town in El Salvador. While living in El Salvador, after a film crew comes to her town to film a movie, twenty-two-year-old Sandy realizes she wants to be a documentary filmmaker. When she returns to the States, she attends George Washington University where she meets Elena, a sixty-something-year-old woman who serves peas and mashed potatoes in one of the school's cafeterias.

Sandy, intrigued by Elena, decides to ask her if she would be willing to share her life story with her. Elena, who desperately wants to unburden herself, agrees to tell Sandy her story.

During the interview, secrets are revealed, forcing Sandy to come to terms with her own past and she begins to understand what the term, Sweetwater American, really means.

Genres: Immigrants, Coming of Age, Literary Fiction, Multicultural, Family Saga

277 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 34 reviews.

Seared, by Sandra Gustafsson. (Still 0.99?)

"This book surely gets under your skin from first to last line and you cant stop reading. It awakens all your emphatic senses! You wish you could just get hold of the main character and help her. What in your childhood and youth shapes the adult you become? Seared carries a feeling of a closeness to catastrophe." -- Amazon Reviewer

"Seared is a psychological thriller in the style of Gone Girl"

- Red City Review

This is definitely a novel that should be read by people who enjoy intense psychological stories. It is not a light read.

-Reader Views

Helena is incarcerated. She has crossed the lines, but what has she done?
Once a week, Helena see a psychologist and talks with him, and the truth is presented piece by piece. For several years she had a relationship with a man who gave her the courage to live, despite her dark secrets, but she was always "the other woman" and finally Helena's fragile world crashes.
We meet Helena in shards: talks with the psychologist interspersed with flashbacks to her childhood and Helena's inner conversation with the love of her life.
The story is full of nerves and tension rises with the realization of who Helena really is.
Seared is a psychological thriller that insightfull depicts a broken womans desperate attempts to create a life worth living.
"Seared is an impressive debut and one of those novels that stays with you."
- Hallandsposten
"Seared is a psychological thriller in the style of Gone Girl, the main conflict unfolding delicately and masterfully over the course of the novel/.../Both brisk and brutally raw, Seared is highly recommended for fans of thrillers and family dramas."
- Red City Review
"She demonstrates her talent as she succeeds in maintaining vivid suspense on every page."
- DAST magazine
"Free of complicated turns of phrase, Gustafsson's language works through the most dreadful subjects and sets forth a creative narrative that's much more dark than light."
- Göteborgsposten
"Seared is a real page-turner and a torment at the same time, as the reader shares Helena's destructive behavior and harrowing experiences."
Scroll up and grab a copy today!

311 pages, with a 3.5-star rating from 11 reviews.

When the Tiger Kills: A Cimarron/Melbourne Thriller: Book One, by Vanessa Prelatte. (Still 0.99?)

"I liked the characters and the story. Her female lead is a strong detective with a lot of history. Makes the story very intriguing but with heart. The basic story is about a kidnapping that turns out to be more than anyone expects. There are lots of twists and turns but every one just makes the story better. I will keep my eye out for the next book about Dawn and Ty. If you like mystery stories, get this book. I think you'll like it." -- Amazon Reviewer

When she was a young girl, Detective Dawn Cimarron lost her entire family during one afternoon of brutal violence. As a result, Dawn vowed to dedicate the rest of her life to tracking down killers and bringing them to justice. Now she and her partner, Sergeant Rafe Melbourne, are hard at work trying to close not one, but two major cases in their hometown of Mountpelier, Colorado.
The first case involves a young man named Cullen Torrense, who has been found stabbed to death, his body left under a tree. At first it looks like a simple drug deal gone wrong. However, after encounters with Gwen, the victim's angry, bitter stepsister, and Monieque, his self-absorbed, histrionic mother, the two detectives begin to suspect that there is more to this case than meets the eye.
The second case is even more disturbing: a college student has been found badly injured and unconscious at the foot of a cliff, and his girlfriend has disappeared, the apparent victim of a kidnapping plot. And all indications point to one inevitable conclusion: a serial killer is on the loose - a clever and resourceful killer who seems to be equally obsessed with visions of an ancient goddess and young girls with long, pale blonde hair.
With the help of Dawn's husband Ty, a retired Air Force major now in charge of the local unit of the Civil Air Patrol, Dawn and Rafe race against the clock to bring Cullen's killer to justice and to find the missing girl - before it is too late.

255 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 5 reviews.

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