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In Deep Voodoo (Mojo, Louisiana humorous mystery series #1), by Stephanie Bond.

Sale price: $0.99; normally $3.99. (Still on sale? Check here!)

Like a little humor with your mystery? Try this one! It has dark and violent scenes as well as humorous elements, all in a fresh and compelling storyline.

Stephanie Bond's humorous mysteries and romances are peppering the bestseller lists on Amazon.

"Stephanie Bond provides a terrific amateur sleuth investigative tale with a heated romantic subplot to enhance the bewildered but delightful lead female protagonist. Penny is the fabulous center to the strong story line as her antics will amuse the audience. Her efforts to prove she is innocent though everyone in Mojo, Louisiana believes otherwise while making side comments about pink houses, replacement females, mayoral ex mother-in-laws, hunks, and voodoo make for a fine time." -- Harriet Klausner, Amazon Hall of Fame reviewer

Start with bad mojo, add a pinprick of revenge, and watch things boil over...

A woman receives a voodoo doll of her lying cheating ex-husband as a gag gift at her divorce party, and vents her frustration by stabbing it with a pin. But later when he's found stabbed to death, she doesn't have to be told she's managed to land herself IN DEEP VOODOO!

If you like your mysteries brewed up with a lot of comedy and a little romance, IN DEEP VOODOO will hit the spot!

357 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 47 reviews, and 75% off today!

Love Will Find A Way, by Barbara Freethy.

Sale price: $0.99; normally $3.49. (Still on sale? Check here!)

Winner of the RITA Award for Best Contemporary Romance, Barbara Freethy delivers an emotional and romantic story of love and family in this novel.

"I loved this heart-warming story about a single mom who finds love the second time around. This book has some quirky characters, small town charm and everything you want in a Barbara Freethy romance. I really loved the legends of the apples." -- Amazon reviewer

From #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy comes an emotional and romantic story of love and family.

Rachel fell in love at nineteen with a man who came into her life on a whirlwind of sunlight and romance. She married Gary Tanner, had his son, and thought she would live happily ever after. But fate had other plans. Gary died in a tragic accident - at least she thought it was an accident. Now, there are questions that need to be answered, and only one man she can turn to, Gary's best friend, Dylan.

Rachel was everything Dylan Prescott wanted in a woman. But Gary met her first, so she became untouchable. For years he stayed away from her. Now Rachel is a widow, her marriage is over, and she turns to him for help. The passion he feels for her is no longer out of his reach. The life he always wanted is beckoning to him, but when the secrets come out, will their love find a way to survive?

354 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 86 reviews, and 72% off today!

Our Husband (a humorous romantic mystery), by Stephanie Bond.

Price: $0.99. (Still on sale? Check here!)

Here's another offering from Stephanie Bond!

""I'm going to kill him," says Dr. Natalie Carmichael when she's informed of her husband's car accident shortly after she's found out that Raymond Carmichael, a prosthetic limb salesman, had defaulted on secret loans secured by Natalie's jewelry and inherited home. Arriving at the hospital she discovers that Ray hadn't really divorced Beatrix, his wealthy socialite first wife, and that the shapely young red-haired stripper kissing him is Ruby Lynn, the third Mrs. Carmichael.

"A sudden heart attack widows all three women, and an autopsy determines that Ray was murdered. As the three fight murder charges and snipe at each other, they realize that they have to find the murderer themselves. Bond's memorable and heart-warming romance is funny, irreverent, and thoroughly enjoyable." -- Diana Tixier Herald

Hell hath no fury like three women scorned...

Three women from different walks of life--a doctor, a socialite, and a stripper--find out they have one thing in common: a husband! When the magnanimous hubby winds up dead, the unlikely trio band together to track down a killer, and along the way, discover a lot more than they bargained for.

"Only another woman could understand and write a novel that brings these three together in the worst of circumstances and make it a witty and sexy plot about women and friendship." -Beachlife

"The story is well-written and paced, with unforgettable characters, snappy dialogue, and plenty of plot twists and turns." -AOL Romance Fiction Forum

374 pages, with a 4-star rating from 2.39 reviews, and 99 cents today!

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