Murder in Adland (Detective Inspector Skelgill Investigates Book 1), by Bruce Beckham. (Still 0.99?)

"Apart from the whodunnnit part of the book, which was skillfully written, and allowed for no plot holes, the development of the characters was superb. There were times when the writing reminded me P.D. James, because the people came to life on the page for me. I enjoyed Skelgill's weaknesses - fishing and food and Jones makes a perfect sidekick for him. " -- Amazon Reviewer

WHEN A HIGH-FLYING ADMAN is brutally murdered on a company weekend in the English Lake District, Detective Inspector Daniel Skelgill finds himself wrenched from his rural Cumbrian comfort zone.

As the investigation unfolds, DI Skelgill is led a merry dance between London and Edinburgh, at every turn confronted by uncooperative suspects - colleagues, wife and lovers of the deceased - each of whom is possessed of motive and opportunity.

Is this a crime of passion, a professional hit, or a cleverly calculated killing borne out of greed and jealousy?

In this traditional whodunit, the case can only be solved by carefully piecing together the essential clues - but Skelgill is running out of time. The patience of his superiors wears thin, while the actions of an anonymous agent provocateur serve only to advance the moment when the killer must strike again.

266 pages, with a 3.9-star rating from 90 reviews.

Master Of My Dreams (A Heroes of the Sea Book 1), by Danelle Harmon. (Still 3.99?)

"Danelle Harmon's "Heroes of the Sea" series is wonderful. The heroes are brave, loyal, strong, and gentlemen through and through. The author does an excellent job of painting the American Revolutionary War period from a different perspective--that of English Naval officers. It's very refreshing and makes for a much appreciated break from cookie cutter romances. " -- Amazon Reviewer

England, 1775: When nobly-born Captain Christian Lord is given command of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Bold Marauder, the disciplined and highly-esteemed English officer never dreams that a crew on the brink of mutiny will be the least of his troubles as he heads to Boston to subdue pirates and rebels. Haunted by nightmares and a tragic past, Christian is loyal to King and Country . . . never imagining that his gravest danger could come in the form of a beautiful stowaway who secretly plots his destruction. For also onboard is sensuous Irishwoman Deirdre O' Devir . . . determined to avenge her brother's forced enlistment into the Royal Navy, and now, as near as a whisper to the blackguard responsible. But the best laid plans go awry, and when Deirdre realizes that behind Christian's haughty, aloof façade beats a tender heart, she finds herself falling in love with her handsome enemy in this tender, emotional, and unforgettable tale of love and passion by the bestselling author of the critically acclaimed de Montforte Brothers series.

391 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 74 reviews.

The Pocket Watch: The Pocket Watch Chronicles, by Ceci Giltenan. (Still 0.99?)

"With Ceci Giltnan her superbly written riveting stories only get better if that is even possible! As I have been an avid fan since her debut as an author with the fantastic Highland Solution and all her books are written with such compassion and beauty with intrigue and powerful plots that hold the readers interest from the first word in the first chapter to the last word in in the epilogue. They have all been on my keeper shelves, well to me that's how Ceci Gilenan's spectacular books roll! As a Jersey girl this book was extremely special to me as I could picture each place she described in Maggie's background. All in all I absolutely loved The Pocket Watch by Ceci Giltenan a spectacular time-travel that will both pull your heart strings, and is so much fun to read. I can't wait with what's next for this brilliant author as I am so looking forward to it!" -- Amazon Reviewer

When Maggie Mitchell, is transported to the thirteenth century Highlands will Laird Logan Carr help mend her broken heart or put it in more danger than before?

Generous, kind, and loving, Maggie nearly always puts the needs of others first. So when a mysterious elderly woman gives her an extraordinary pocket watch, telling her it's a conduit to the past, Maggie agrees to give the watch a try, if only to disprove the woman's delusion.

But it works.

Maggie finds herself in the thirteenth century Scottish Highlands, with a handsome warrior who clearly despises her. Her tender soul is caught between her own desire and the disaster she could cause for others. Will she find a way to resolve the trouble and return home within the allotted sixty days? Or will someone worthy earn her heart forever?

All of the Pocket Watch Chronicles are complete stand alone stories and can be read in any order.

The Pocket does not contain explicit love scenes. If you prefer more steam than that, you might be disappointed.

171 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 96 reviews.

Q Road: A Novel (Mysteries & Horror), by Bonnie Jo Campbell. (Still 3.99?)

"I was immediately drawn into this rural world peopled by an array of eclectic and sympathetic characters struggling with the onslaught of family farms being devoured by development. The plot revolves around one man's attempt to continue farming against the odds (and fate itself.) While the theme is both grand and timely, it is the people who live on Q Road that make this book one of the most absorbing books I have read in some time. Bonnie Jo Campbell has a gift for bringing a range of characters to life, and every one is both unique and believable and unlike any characters that have gone before. Parts are so beautifully written I had to read them several times, just to feel the goosebumps raise up on my skin from the sheer beauty and power of her words. When I finished, I wanted to begin again, for I was reluctant to leave these people and this world behind. I came away feeling that I had lived this story and cared deeply about the characters and most importantly about the land itself." -- Amazon Reviewer

Welcome to Q Road, in Greenland Township, where the old way of life is colliding with the new. On the same acres where farmers once displaced Potawatomi Indians, suburban developers now supplant farmers and Q road (or "Queer Road," as the locals call it) has become home to an unlikely mix of people. The neighbors include a sixth-generation farmer and his rifle-toting child bride, and evangelical bartender, a tabloid-reading agoraphobe, a philandering window salesman, and an asthmatic boy who longs for the love of a good father.These folks all smell the pig manure from the Whitby farm and share the same grand views of the Kalamazoo River and the oldest barn in the township -- until one disastrous October afternoon.

Bonnie Jo Campbell's first novel combines offbeat humor, eccentric characters, and unique insights into modern rural America, where family traditions have flown the coop and only the cycle of the seasons remains. At the heart of this tale are three characters so integrally connected and devoted to the Harland farm that they might not survive anywhere else; their lives, their livelihoods, and their sometimes violent love for one another are all rooted in the soil of this square mile.

As The Village Voice said of Campbell's story collection, she "crystallizes those moments when benumbed everyday routine is briefly jolted by dizzy instants of lucidity." It may take a spring tornado or a lightning bolt in the garden to get the folks of Q Road to pause in their work, but when they lift their gaze collectively, it can be life-altering. Brilliant atumn foliage creates the backdrop for the rich and ragged human landscape of rural southwestern Michigan, a place Campbell has explored in her award-winning short stories. In this passionate and funny novel she digs even deeper, to reveal the beauty and strangeness of her ferocious women, confused men, and hungry children.

288 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 21 reviews.

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