The Coconut Chronicles: Two Guys, One Caribbean Dream House, by Patrick Youngblood. (Still 0.99?)

"An engaging story told with a gentle self-deprecating wit, as easy and fun to read as can be. Filled with perceptive observations and humor, the writing conversational and transparent, the events vivid. A blast." -- Amazon Reviewer

When Patrick and Michael buy a rambling, dilapidated house on Vieques Island off Puerto Rico, they can hardly believe their luck-or how much work lies ahead of them.
Renovating their little corner of paradise proves to be a crash course in how Vieques works-and how it doesn't. Very few projects go according to plan, and many veer alarmingly off course.
Along the way they learn a number of unforgettable lessons: concrete houses can have termites; five-foot iguanas aren't necessarily more afraid of you than you are of them; emergency rooms don't always stock medical supplies; and a property manager who paints your house orange instead of yellow may resign in a huff when you point out his little boo-boo.
The Coconut Chronicles is a lighthearted account of Patrick's and Michael's battle to create order out of chaos in the tropics.

286 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 64 reviews.

Glimmer and other stories: Curious and supernatural tales, by Nicola McDonagh. (Still 0.99?)

"These snapshots of writing are lovely from start to finish. There is something in here for everyone. The only thing I would like to add is that the author should definitely write more short stories. There are some types of talent that are natural and others which are learned. Her use of language in this work is a testament that she is in fact a natural in the writing world. All of this gives this work 5 out of 5 stars!" -- Amazon Reviewer

A riveting compilation of surreal, supernatural and mysterious tales.
Seven compelling stories of obsession, loss, redemption and hope are brought together in this unsettling and original anthology. From ethereal speculation to rekindling forgotten love, these beautifully crafted tales explore human nature in all its diversity. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes inspirational, they all have a metaphorical richness that will take you into an uncanny world that straggles the line between the real and the imagined.

153 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 16 reviews.

A Magic Dark and Bright (The Asylum Saga Book 1), by Jenny Perinovic. (Still 0.99?)

"Reading A Magic Dark and Brightly was a bit like finding a hidden treasure chest and unlocking it to gaze upon a beautiful gem. I cannot proclaim the book or author's praises loud enough to do them justice. This book contains so much emotion that it easily transfers to the reader. There were moments when I was scared, mystified, and even giddy." -- Amazon Reviewer

She meant to help a ghost...not unleash a curse.

Amelia Dupree hasn't seen the Woman in White since the night her brother died.

The ghost seems to have disappeared from the woods surrounding Asylum, Pennsylvania-that is, until Charlie Blue moves into the creepy old MacAllister House next door. Amelia can't help liking him, even though she spent her childhood thinking his grandmother was a witch. And she definitely can't ignore the connection between his arrival and the Woman in White's return.

Then Amelia learns that the Woman in White is a prisoner, trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead. Devastated by the idea that her brother could be suffering a similar fate, Amelia decides to do whatever it takes to help the Woman in White find peace--and Charlie agrees to help her.

But when Amelia's classmates start to drown in the Susquehanna River, one right after another, rumors swirl as people begin to connect the timing of Charlie's arrival with the unexplained deaths. As Charlie and Amelia uncover the dark history of Asylum, they realize they may have unleashed an unspeakable evil. One they have to stop before everything they love is destroyed.

330 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 38 reviews.

Prisoner of War: Judy, by Isabel George. (Still 0.99?)

"Great story, unusually talented dog. She learns to hide near a camp filled with British prisoners of war and then to smuggle food and water to the suffering men. After the war, she tours the country and abroad With the former-prisoner who adopted her after the armistice. Charming but not mushy in writing style. Highly recommended for adults." -- Amazon Reviewer

An inspiring and heart-warming short story of canine devotion and bravery.
The only dog to be officially registered as a Prisoner of War, Judy began her wartime career as a mascot aboard several Royal Navy warships.
Torpedoed, shot at, sunk and almost drowned, the English Pointer survived only to be take prisoner and spend three years in Japanese camps in Sumatra.
From the moment fellow inmate Frank Williams offered Judy his precious handful of rice she never left his side. Judy saved Frank's life many times over and raised the morale of all the men in the camp.
Extracted from the bestselling title The Dog That Saved My Life, this short story tells the tale of a dog like no other, a dog who was awarded an animals' Victoria Cross for her bravery and devotion.

304 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 36 reviews.

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