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Barnes and Noble now only taking the short form Smashwords Description?

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Hey everyone. I've got a question for fellow smashwords users. I could have sworn all my ebook descriptions on Barnes and Noble were complete, but after their recent meltdown, all of my books now only have the short smashwords description. This gives me nowhere near enough text to describe ANY of my books properly. Is this a new addition (subtraction) or am I going completely bonkers?

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I think I only ever had the short form description on B&N from Smashwords. Either way, that's definitely all I've got now from them.

draft2digital give the 'as long as you like' description (more or less)... which is the way it should be in my opinion.

I'm uploading to B&N via Smashwords and I'm finding that no description has loaded up at all! Is this something that is eventually going to filter through (the books appeared before the covers did, so possibly it's just a strangely shitty, bit-by-bit loading deal?)

Yes, so thank you anyone who can shed any light on this

Thanks for your help

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